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Hire 24 Year Au Pair & Nanny from Fair Oaks, California USA - America available for job in France, Italy & Spain

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From USA - America
Age 24 / Female

Applying for France, Italy & Spain

Start Jul 2012 - Sep 2012
For Duration 10-12 Months
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Gender Female

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City Fair Oaks

State  California

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Country USA - America

Letter To Family

Dear Future International Family,
I am extremely excited to make your acquaintance and begin my time with your wonderful family. I have done a lot of traveling in my life but this will be my first time getting to experience Europe to this extent. I am currently studying speech pathology and audiology at the Sacramento State University in California, U.S.A. These studies will lead me to attain my BS(bachelor's in science) this May 2012. I have always loved children and decided at an early age that I wanted to work in a career that would allow me to be around them every day. I find pure joy in working with and teaching children of all ages and enjoy every aspect of being able to make a difference in a child's life. I have taken multiple college level courses in child development that have allowed me to increase my knowledge about the needs and desires of children. The additional classes that I have taken as a part of my speech pathology coursework include topics such as psychology, multi-cultural language disorders, sociology, autism spectrum disorders, and voice/fluency. I believe that these courses along with my extensive experience with children make me a fantastic caregiver. I grew up in a loving and nurturing home, with my mother, father and older brother. My mother and father both have careers that involve psychology and my brother is currently in South Korea working at a school, teaching English to 9 through 11 year olds. Family is very important to me and I appreciate them for all the many things they do for me. I have lived in Sacramento, California my whole life but am excited to move to a new city when I move back to the United States for my master’s program. Although I have stayed in the same city as my parents, I take a lot of pride in being responsible and independent and have lived on my own since I graduated high school. I consider myself a level-headed, independent person who has genuine core values. I am a very active person and love exploring new places and cultures. I know that our time together will be an experience of a lifetime and I cannot wait to meet you all so we can begin our many adventures together! Talk to you soon!


I have had extensive experience in childcare for children ranging in ages from newborn up to14 years of age. I started nannying for children in my neighborhood when I was 12 years old and have done this continuously up until a few months ago, as the children are now old enough to look after themselves. I also provided tutoring and care for two young neighbors who were struggling in math and spelling at the 5th and 6th grade levels. I did this for the duration of their school year when I was 15 and we slowly stopped the sessions as their skills improved. Throughout my life I have also been given the opportunity to volunteer at the pre-school that I attended when I was a toddler. I was able to volunteer their sporadically from ages 10-18, assisting the teachers throughout the day, in a wide variety of pre-school age related activities. My most recent experience with childcare was when I worked for the Bridges Afterschool Program which was comprised of elementary and middle school aged children who were divided into groups of 15-25 students and assigned to a "team leader" . As a team leader I was assigned a group of children to be responsible for during the after school hours. Activities included recreation activities, snack time, art /craft centers, science centers, as well as time that was provided for homework completion and any additional help that was needed. I took part in the program for about a year sometimes keeping the same group of children for a few months and other times going to many different schools in the area to help schools that were short of staff members.

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Personal Information

Marital Status Single

Own Children? No

Brother/Sister? Yes

Current Occupation student

Nationality American

Education University

Languages Spoken well English

Basic Language knowledge of English, Spanish

Special Dietary Considerations No Special Diet

Any Health Problem or Allergies No

Smoker? No

Able to Swim well? Yes

Able to ride a Bicycle Yes

Driver License? Yes, With Exper.

First-Aid Training? Yes

Sports practiced  some soccer and basketball

Religion Christian

Importance of Religion Not Important

Height 171cm = 5'7"

Weight 59Kg = 130lbs = 9st 4lbs

Job Information

Preferred Countries France, Italy & Spain

Seeking Job of Au Pair & Nanny

For Duration 10-12 Months

Earlist Starting Date Jul 2012

Latest Starting Date Sep 2012

Preferred Area Big City, Suburb, Town

Care experience of 200 - 500

Will take care of ages Newborns, 1-5 Year, 6-10 Year, 11-14 Year

Number of children will care for? 3

Can work for a Single Parent? Yes, With Mother or Father

Can take care Disabled Children? Yes

Can take care Disabled People? No

Can live with a family with animals? Yes

Can take care of pets? Yes

Can work extra for money? Yes