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Hire 25 Year Au Pair from Sydney, New South Wales Australia available for job in Australia

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From Australia
Age 25 / Ms.

Applying for Australia

Start Aug 2013 - Sep 2013
For Duration 4-6 Months
Last Action 24 Jul 2013
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Contact Information

Personal Title Ms.

City Sydney

State  New South Wales

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Country Australia

Letter To Family

Dear Family,

My name is Kierstie Leavitt and I'm currently living in Australia. I've been here for about 3 months now, and I'm interested in making use of my Holiday Work Visa as an Au Pair. I love nature, dance, art, music, health, spirituality, and fun. Life is all about well being for me.

I have an affinity for children in the sense that they feel understood by me. I am connected to my inner child and they sense that. I believe that children are extremely intelligent, and they also sense that respect. I grew up as a unique child who felt different from everyone around me, and so I have a soft spot for making children feel loved, accepted, and understood in the world.

As a massage therapist by trade, I have a healing touch. I can often get any baby to calm down with the same energy of love that I work with when I massage, and it translates everywhere else in my life. I can also play and use my imagination. I don't believe in physical discipline. I believe in learning how to effectively communicate with your children so they feel understood. I also believe in learning how to empower your children by loving themselves, and in turn, everyone else.

I prefer to work with babies, but I'm open to any age. I have two nieces, and some experience with babysitting. I am an animal lover, so pets are no problem. I prefer a clean home, with no drinking or smoking. I'm also willing to add massages to the agreement for the family who suits me.

I prefer to work on the northern beaches or anywhere close to the beach/nature. I have a U.S. drivers license, which makes it legal for me to drive in Australia (I just need a few lessons with the left side of the road switch). I am flexible but I prefer to not be on-call 24/7, I'd rather have days and hours scheduled ahead of time so that I know when I'm needed, which makes it easier to make plans for some alone time or travel.

I'd love for you to contact me, if any part of me is of interest to you! I'm open to chat about anything!



I am interested in connecting with children more and helping out a family in any way I can. I am willing to do housework, but I'd rather be a care taker than a maid.

Additional Pictures

Kierstie Kierstie Kierstie

About Me

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Personal Information

Marital Status Single

Own Children? No

Brother/Sister? Yes

Current Occupation Massage Therapist

Nationality American – USA

Education Vocational School

Languages Spoken well English

Basic Language knowledge of Spanish

Special Dietary Considerations Vegetarian

Any Health Problem or Allergies No

Smoker? No

Able to Swim well? Yes

Able to ride a Bicycle Yes

Driver License? Yes, With Exper.

First-Aid Training? Yes

Sports practiced  

Religion No Religion

Importance of Religion Not Important

Height 177cm = 5'9"

Weight 58Kg = 127lbs = 9st 1lbs

Job Information

Preferred Countries Australia

Like to be an Au Pair

For Duration 4-6 Months

Earlist Starting Date Aug 2013

Latest Starting Date Sep 2013

Preferred Area Countryside

Care experience of 10-50

Will take care of ages Newborns, 1-5 Year, 6-10 Year, 11-14 Year

Number of children will care for? 2

Can work for a Single Parent? Yes, With Mother or Father

Can take care Disabled Children? Yes

Can take care Disabled People? Yes

Can live with a family with animals? Yes

Can take care of pets? Yes

Can work extra? Yes