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Au Pair Program in Norway

Au Pair in Norway is especially appealing owing to the high quality of life in the country. Norway has one of the highest standards of living in Europe, and this allows the Au Pair benefits that may not be offered in other countries. Many families own holiday homes for family breaks, and indulge their children in extensive leisure activities, of which the Au Pair will be a part. 
Becoming part of the Au Pair program in Norway is an ideal opportunity to learn the Scandinavian language and discover the beautiful country. With a required budget for language lessons, provided by the host family, you have the perfect chance to learn the language and engage in cultural activities.

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Of course in order to go abroad as an Au Pair you can do everything on your own, strating with the search of the host family and finishing with the documents you need to have to apply for the visa if one needed. But there are Au Pair agencies that can help you to deal with the formalities. 

With or without an Au Pair Agency

The answer should be obvious to you- of course you should contact the agency!
Aside from the payment of language lessons, a small budget is provided for Au Pairs in return for light housework and childcare services. This may include taking the children to school or to other classes, helping with the family ironing, or doing the food shopping. The pocket money given can provide you with a chance to travel across the charming country during holidays, and practice your growing language skills. 

Costs for the Au Pair

You can be sure that it'll be the great experience of your live. This website will help you to find the right host family for you. As soon as you register here you can start the search. Good luck and have fun!

Au Pair in Norway  - At a glance

If you are from an EU member state, a visa for Norway is not necessary for a stay under three months. However, since Au Pair programs usually exceed this time frame, it is highly recommended that a visa is acquired before becoming part of the Au Pair program.

The Scandinavian countries are unique to Europe with their vast and sparsely populated landscapes. With Norway’s small population of only 4.5 million people, large cities are a rarity, and Au Pairs looking forward to discovering nature will find themselves right at home in any of the county’s charming towns, or small cities.

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- Contract and Insurance
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The scope of activities required of an Au Pair will vary from family to family. Most of the activities will revolve around the care of the children. You are likely to be required to help with homework

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Contract and Insurance

Before you begin your journey, your Au Pair contract will have been agreed and signed. Any changes to the contract, or a cancellation of your placement, should be communicated to the hosts at least tw

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Pocket Money

As compensation for your work, you will receive a sum of Au Pair pocket money from your hosts, and by law, this must be a minimum of 5,000 NOK per month, before tax. This equates to approximately 650

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