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Устраиваем по программе Au-Pair молодежь из Украины, России и СНГ более 20 лет!

We provide the Au-Pair placement services for candidates from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova and the entire CIS area for more than 20 years!

And also candidates from EU (POLAND, BULGARIA, ROMANIA, CZECH Republic, SLOVENIA, HUNGARY and BALTIC countries) can be accepted for placement in the USA, Switzerland, Belgium and few more European countries.
And candidates from all the SCANDINAVIAN countries are welcome for placement in the USA.

Our agency has vast experience in placing Au-pairs in such countries as Germany (more than 20 years), USA (since 2002), Austria, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Scandinavian countries, Spain and Italy.
Our foreign partners are the best European agencies working on this program for many years.
Our candidates are responsible young people with intermediate-to-fluent English language; a good half of them also have basic-to-high knowledge of French and or German language. Lot of them have already been an au-pair before.
Our principles:
- Clients should receive complete and objective information about the program;
- Support at all stages starting with the first call to the agency until the program completion;
- Professionalism and honesty.

- We provide our services for Host Families absolutely FREE of charge!

- We do not charge to Au-pair candidates any prepayments until a Host Family that completely satisfies the client is found (the basis for payment: Au-pair contract with the Host Family);
- In case of a visa denial (although such a thing is rare all may happen), we return all the money for the placement.

!!! Important WARNING for au-pairs:

Our contacts:
Skype, Facebook, Instagram: okaupair
Viber: +38 098 030 4065
T: +38 095 931 6660 / +38 067 527 1116
+38 063 239 1064


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