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Hudson Group offers opportunities for enthusiastic individuals genuinely interested in traveling to Russia to discover its unique culture. First and foremost, we seek individuals who are excited about experiencing Russia first hand. We have great opportunities for both experienced and less experienced individuals. You show us your passion for encountering Russia and we will help you make it possible!

Hudson Group is much more than an agency! Besides placing candidates with families, we also provide an array of in-country support for each and every one of our Au Pairs, Governesses, Teachers and anyone else needing assistance while experiencing Russia.

Our New Au Pair-Teacher Program!

Our unique Au Pair-Teacher program offers you a chance to experience Russia firsthand by interacting with children and adults who wish to learn and practice English. We have specifically designed this program for those with little or no experience who want to explore Russia without dipping into their savings. This program also gives individuals the experience necessary for promotions to higher paying teacher positions within our company if such individuals choose to pursue that route.

How our program works:

You set aside a minimum of 25 teaching hours per week to working with families and individuals on their English and all your costs and expenses are covered by us, including airfare and visa costs which are reimbursed, and you get a monthly stipend. You spend time with a child, usually in an informal setting, and create an English-speaking environment for him or her. For example, you may be assigned to spend 4 hours, twice a week in one particular family, 3 hours, three times per week with another and possibly in groups at a kindergarten. The ages of the students vary greatly from toddlers to adults and their language levels range from beginner to advanced.

You use your talents and hobbies to engage the child(ren) in various activities. Use your music skills, play board games, go for walks, play sports, draw, anything in English! You use everyday, hands-on activities in order to help students express themselves in English.

This program requires no formal teaching experience or knowledge of Russian.

The program is for you if you are:

- Great with people
- Excited about a Russian experience
- Ready to commit for a minimum of 6 months
- Willing to spend a minimum of 25 teaching hours per week interacting with non-native English speakers in order to improve their English language skills.
- 18 or older with a high school diploma

Benefits you receive through our Au Pair-Teacher Program:

- Comfortable, shared accommodation provided (WiFi, utilities covered)
- Transport Pass for all public transportation (subway, bus, trolley bus, tram)
- Monthly mobile phone bill covered
- Visa, registration and other documentation support
- Round trip airfare and visa application fee reimbursed
- Teacher TESOL training and materials provided

Why work with Encounter Russia?

Many governors/governesses, nannies and au pairs try to connect with families directly. This is a good idea, however, can prove ineffective due to the nuances involved in the process.

1. This process can take a LOT of time. Until you connect with a family you feel fits you, months and maybe even years go by. By working with us, we can speed up the process and get you here to Russia doing what you want to be doing instead of only dreaming about what you want to be doing. Whether you want to become an au pair or governor just for the sake of the experience or whether you are already experienced looking for your next position, you cannot afford to wait months and months.

2. There are too many country-specific regulations with au pairs, visas, cultural differences, etc which a family is not prepared to tackle. So you've found a good fit for a family. Now be prepared to wait several more months to prepare everything for your arrival while the family struggles to jump through the hoops of inviting you to their country. Many families give up on the idea of getting an au pair simply because it takes too much time and/or resources from their end to organize everything. We can assist you during the whole process and avoid these kinds of headaches.

3. Encounter Russia sets up in country support for the entirety of your stay. You always have someone to call about where to buy little oddities, how to get the best deals on travel during off time, which cultural events to attend to make the most of your experience and much more.

4. You are part of a team of au pairs/governors and teachers! You may be sharing accommodation with another governor or teacher. Or during your off time, get together with your colleagues and explore the city. Everyone knows experiences are much more memorable when shared with others.

5. You are well taken care of! Encounter Russia sees to it that you will always have the things you need while away from home. We act as your mediator between you and your family if misunderstandings occur. Most problems can be solved easily through clear communication. We can facilitate that communication and make sure any small issues are quickly addressed and resolved.


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