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我的国籍是 巴西人 | 阅读更多 ⇩

全名 Jéssica

城市/省 Nova Iguaçu/Rio de Janeiro

国家 巴西

开始 五月 2021 - 十二月 2023

我想呆多久? >1年

我能说得很好的语言 英语 (B1), 西班牙语 (B1), 葡萄牙语 (母语)

最后一次操作 17 天前


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Dear future host family, my name is Jessica, I am a 25 year old Brazilian. A year ago I decided to embark on this journey to start the process and go to the United States as an Au Pair. I saw this as a great opportunity to improve my English, learn another exciting new culture, while doing something I love, being around children, taking care, teaching and also learning from them! I want to participate in the development of children, to live American culture, to help children dress for Halloween, to celebrate the Thanksgiving, to live the magic of American Christmas. I always took care of my little sisters, and I worked as a babysitter for 6 years, so I believe I have enough experience to be a great addition to the program! I live in Nova Iguaçu, a cozy city in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My family supports me in the decision to become an Au Pair. They believe it is a great opportunity that I cannot miss. I am looking for a host family where I can feel respected as a person and as a professional. And I want to build a friendly relationship with great communication. I hope to have a great year together, with many special moments.
I would like to get to know your family better, let me know if you have any questions or if you want to schedule a call. We can meet at your earliest convenience.
Jessica Germiniano de Souza .
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My first experiences with childcare were with my younger sisters. In 2001 my sister Nicoly was born, and I developed the instinct of a big sister, I realized that I should protect her, love her and be her friend from the first moment I took her in my arms, even though I was very young, I helped my mother, taking care of her, liked to tell her stories, play with her, and followed her development and growth. In early 2009, when our youngest sister was born and our mother returned to work, I was responsible for taking care of them, helping around the house and making meals. I bathed Tais, prepared her bottle, changed her diapers. I droped off Nicoly and picked her up to school, helped her with homework. I loved taking them to the playground, they loved to go on the swing! After our mother passed away in 2012, I did my best to make them grow up happy, I always encouraged them to be independent, to discover her own potential and to be proud of their efforts and achievements, and I am very proud of them. In 2014 I started taking care of Emilly, she was 5 years old. I took care of Emilly from Monday to Friday, 20 hours a week. My responsibilities were to droped her off and picked her up from school, helped her with homework. Our days have always been a lot of fun. We liked to make popcorn, watch movies, play video games. I took care of her until December 2019, when she turned 10. In 2018, my schedule with Emilly became more flexible, so I started taking care of Nicolas and his little sister Agatha. He was 3 years old and she was 14 months old. I took care of them 20 hours a week. My responsibilities to them were to pick up Nicolas in kindergarten, bathe them, give them their meals, prepare her bottles, change her diapers (I helped her in the potty training process) and play with them. In March 2020, with the start of the pandemic, Nicolas started taking classes online, so I helped him with classes and homework. We liked the time to paint and draw, watch cartoons, dance, but the best thime was when we went to the playground, we loved outdoor activities, playing and meeting other children, spending a lot of energy and after taking a nap. It is very good to see the development of children. I took care of them until the beginning of 2021, today she is 3 years old and he is 5 years old. Usually I take care of Anna Luiza, since she was a baby. She is the daughter of my best friend, she calls me Aunt Jé and she is like a niece to me. Today she is 7 years old. I am very present in her life, I help her with homework, with her English classes. We love to go to the pool, to the amusement park. We always have a lot of fun together. I also followed the growth of my sister-in-law, Suzane, she was 9 years old when we met, and she is like a little sister to me, I always took her to spend the day with us. She and my sister Nicoly became best friends, I love when we are together, going to the waterfall, swimming, having a pajama party, having a snack, it is always a lot of fun. Also I like being with my cousins, chatting my nieces by video call, even though I am away, feeling closer. I love being around children, playing together, life is more colorful and joyful with them.
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非吸烟者您会游泳吗? - 是您会骑自行车吗? - 是








您现在的职业是? 保姆

我的学历是 初中

Language Knowledge

葡萄牙语: 母语
英语: 中级 (B1)
西班牙语: 中级 (B1)

您的宗教是 新教徒

宗教对于我来说 重要

特殊的饮食习惯 没有饮食的禁忌

任何健康问题或过敏反应 Não

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可以加班并获得加班费吗? - 是可以照看残疾儿童吗? - 是可以住在有宠物的家庭里吗? - 是可以照看宠物吗? - 是

我想工作的国家 美国

首选的地区? 大城市, 郊区, 城镇

我想呆多久? >1年

最早开始的日期 五月 2021

最晚开始的日期 十二月 2023




我可以照看的儿童年龄是 新生儿, 1-5岁, 6-10岁, 11-14岁, 15岁以上

我有多长儿童看护的经验? 800 小时以上

我能照看的最多儿童为? 4

我可以为单亲家庭工作 是,单亲母亲




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