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Can care and engage the kids in 作业协助, 读书, 工艺品, 绘图和切割, 数字和计数, 字母与声音, 思维游戏与活动, 歌曲和诗歌

数学, 生物, 英语, 法语, 西班牙语

我的国籍是 墨西哥人 | 阅读更多 ⇩

全名 Maria

城市/省 Guadalajara/Jalisco

国家 墨西哥

开始 七月 2021 - 七月 2022

我想呆多久? 10-12 月

我能说得很好的语言 英语 (C2), 法语 (B2), 德语 (B1), 西班牙语 (母语)

最后一次操作 4 天前


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Hello dear family!

My name is Maria and I am from Mexico.

I would love to be your Au pair. I think we will get along very well! :)

I am a quiet and calm but very funny person. I love walking in nature and observing everything. I also love animals of all kinds! I have two dogs and two cats that I adore. I do yoga and follow a flexitarian diet, so I only eat meat and diary very occasionally.

I'm always doing arts and crafts because that's my favourite hobby!

I love books and music!

I'm very curious so I love to learn about everything!
I also love to learn about health, nutrition and wellness. I have taken some courses about it.
One of my daily goals and what I am most passionate about is taking care of the environment so I always try to implement solutions to avoid harming the planet!

I love to get to know new cultures and learn from them, and also to share my culture with others... I believe that the best way to live in harmony with each other is respect, tolerance and patience.

God is a very important part of me, that's why my favourite holiday is Christmas...I love everything about it!

For some years I have been tutoring several children in mathematics, biology, environment and arts. I have also been a nanny many times, volunteered in a primary school and even worked in a Waldorf kindergarten! I enjoy spending time with children and teaching them! They end up teaching me a lot too!
The subjects I like to teach the most are: Spanish, English, French (basic), maths, environmental care, biology (animals, plants, ecosystems), arts and crafts, storytelling, emotional health, healthy habits, etc. But I like to teach everything, just ask!

I would love to be an Aupair because I would like to get to know another culture and I love languages, during my whole life I have learnt a few: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Hindi and Korean. I really love them! That's why I study Languages and Education at university. My dream is to be able to travel around the world and live amazing experiences!

At the moment, it is not possible to be an Aupair in another country, so my dream is to be an online tutor or Aupair! I would be very happy to teach your children and spend some quality time together! And I would be very grateful if you choose me as your aupair, I think I would be perfect for you if you are looking for someone patient and who likes to laugh! I have lots of ideas for games and activities that I can't wait to show you!

I am sure we will have a lot of fun and be good friends!
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I have never been an aupair before, but I have been a babysitter several times in the last few years. I have babysat children under 10 years old.
I specifically babysat a 5 year old girl 4 years ago. She was my neighbour and I babysat her for a year. We always had a lot of fun reading, going for walks in the garden and playing games.
I also babysat a 3 year old girl, I went to her house while her mother worked. I babysat her for a couple of months two years ago.
As well, I babysat a 10 year old girl two years ago, it was only for a few weeks during the holidays, while her mother was working. It was fun because we did a lot of crafts together!
And lastly, I babysat an 11 year old boy. I was more like his tutor because I taught him maths. That was for a year, 3 years ago.
All of them were lovely experiences, that's why now I would like to be an aupair because I love children and I also love to interact with other cultures and to be able to teach my culture too! This way we both have fun and learn together!
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非吸烟者您会游泳吗? - 是您会骑自行车吗? - 是








您的宗教是 天主教徒

宗教对于我来说 非常重要

特殊的饮食习惯 素食者

任何健康问题或过敏反应 No

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可以加班并获得加班费吗? - 否可以住在有宠物的家庭里吗? - 是可以照看宠物吗? - 是

我想工作的国家 韩国, 丹麦, 印度, 英国 & 瑞士

首选的地区? 大城市, 郊区, 城镇, 村, 农村

我想呆多久? 10-12 月

最早开始的日期 七月 2021

最晚开始的日期 七月 2022




我可以照看的儿童年龄是 1-5岁, 6-10岁, 11-14岁

我有多长儿童看护的经验? 50 - 100

我能照看的最多儿童为? 2

我可以为单亲家庭工作 是,单亲母亲



可以让孩子参与这些活动 作业协助, 读书, 工艺品, 绘图和切割, 数字和计数, 字母与声音, 思维游戏与活动, 歌曲和诗歌

可以教 数学, 生物, 英语, 法语, 西班牙语

学生年龄 婴儿 (0-1), 幼儿 (2-3), 学龄前儿童 (4-5), 小学生 (6-12), 青少年 (13-17), 老年人(60+)

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可以让孩子参与这些活动 作业协助, 读书, 工艺品, 绘图和切割, 数字和计数, 字母与声音, 思维游戏与活动, 歌曲和诗歌

可以教 数学, 生物, 英语, 法语, 西班牙语

学生年龄 婴儿 (0-1), 幼儿 (2-3), 学龄前儿童 (4-5), 小学生 (6-12), 青少年 (13-17), 老年人(60+)

价格(每小时) 10 GBP

Language Knowledge

西班牙语: 母语, Since 22 年
英语: 精通 (C2), Since 10 年
法语: 中高级 (B2), Since 3 年
德语: 中级 (B1), Since 3 年
意大利语: 新手 (A1), Since 7 月

您现在的职业是? 学生 - 艺术/商业/管理

我的学历是 Estudiante de universidad - Universidad de Guadalajara


Morning (6-9)        
Late Morning (9-12)        
Afternoon (12-3)        
Late Afternoon (3-6)        
Evening (6-9)        
Late evening (9-12)        
Night (12-3)        
Early morning (3-6)        

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