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我的国籍是 哥伦比亚人 | 阅读更多 ⇩

全名 Jency Natalia

城市/省 Boulder/科罗拉多州

国家 美国

开始 九月 2020 - 十月 2021

我想呆多久? >1年

我能说得很好的语言 英语 (C1), 西班牙语 (母语)

最后一次操作 18 五月 2021


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Hello dear host family,

My name is Natalia, I am 20 years old, I’m from Colombia, I’m currently an au pair in USA, this is my second year, I'll be here for 2 years and 7 months. I'm going to be done with the program in December 4th. I am also fully vaccinated against COVID.

I would like to tell you about my experience as an au pair during this time. In my first year, I took care of 3 babies, a 1-year-old little boy and two cute girls 3 and 5 years old in New Jersey. My duties with the kids were preparing their meals, changing diapers mostly with the baby, the 3-year-old girl just used diapers for a short period of time because after that was potty training. Getting them ready for school, I did not need to take the girls to school because the school bus picked up the older girl, and my host mom was at home then she used to take the little girl, while I was with the baby. I helped them with homework. We played a lot of learning games together, also handcraft or do it yourself, they felt proud of our creations. Playing outdoors with their dog and having picnics in the yard when the weather was nice and running around was a lot of fun for us (they had swings and different kinds of games). We spent most of the time play with them, that was my favorite part because I enjoy laughing and having fun with them. For the time that I was in New Jersey, I had a valid New Jersey driver's license.

For my second year, I moved to Long Island, NY. I took care of two boys (9 and 13 years old). My duties with them were making sure they get ready to start school, now with COVID they were taking virtual classes, I help them with their homework, prepare their meals, help them and make sure they do their chores, such as making their bed, reading, laundry, cleaning up their bedrooms. During summertime, we used a lot of our imagination for different indoor activities to keep the children active because due to Covid we were not able to do much outside. We had a lot of fun with puzzles, we created new games, science experiments, playing in the yard with their two adorable doggies, during summer we used to go for a walk with them every day around the neighborhood. Logan who is the 13 years old kid, has ADHD, I make sure he takes his medicine and I read different kind of articles to keep learning what is the best way to help him.

For my 7 months extension, I am in Colorado taking care of 2 kids. 5 years old girl and 2 years old baby boy. My routine with them until the girl goes to school is cooking meals, playing with them, going outdoors for walks, picnics, going to the park, swimming, etc. Once the girl starts going to school I would help her with homework.

I consider myself a caring, cheerful person, patient, friendly, curious, creative person, I have good communication skills. I like union, respect, support, I like to be organized and kind. I’m independent, open-minded, very responsible, attentive, willing to learn, fun, and adventurous. I am into languages, now I am learning German and French.

I’m also a proactive person, I like to practice different sports, I play rugby too, I’m a good swimmer, I used to practice subaquatic rugby, I like to go for runs almost every day. I enjoy going to the gym and the church. I am animal friendly, (I have 2 kitties and 1 doggy in my country).

Currently, I have a valid NY driver, I have never been into an accident or have had tickets before. I am into languages, now I am learning French and German and I would be more than happy to teach Spanish to the kids.

I like to be an au pair, I am an only child, so, I feel that the big sister feeling is always with my host's kids which is really nice, I can see how much I can learn from them and them from me, in another hand it’s been a great opportunity because I am improving my English while I enjoy a wonderful experience.

I would like to stay in the area (NJ, NY, PA, CT) but I am open to other states for the right match.

Currently, I have a valid NY driver's license, I have never been into an accident or have had tickets before. I have a lot of experience driving on highways and I can drive manual cars too.

I will love being part of your family and being able to know more about you.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

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I've took care of children from 1 year old until 13 years old , I am Infant qualify .
When I was in my home country I worked as a babysitter since I was 17 with children of different ages.
In May, 2019 I came to USA to be an au pair for 2 years, 1st year I took care of 3 little and sweet kids,
I took care of 3 little kids, one little boy who was 1 year old and 2 cutie girls who were 3 yo and 5 yo.
My duties with the kids were giving them meals (breakfast, lunch and snacks during the day), get them ready for school, I didn't need take them to the school because the school bus picked oldest girl up, and my host mom was at home then she used to take the little girl to the school while I was with the baby. I helped the oldest girl with homework, when she was off we played learning games even the baby used to play some of those games with us, he’s so smart as his sisters. I played with them most of the time, that’s was favorite part because I enjoy when they are laughing and having fun. They also had a big dog and adorable dog.
In my currently second year I'm taking of 2 kids, 9 and 12 years old, the oldest kid has ADHD. with them I supervise they do correctly all their chores, I cook meals (breakfast and lunch), I help supervise and help when they do workout, during summer time because corona virus they we had to be at home but we always do different activities like baking cakes, learning activities, table games, movie time, etc. Now that school started they are having virtual classes full time, In the morning I make breakfast while they're getting ready, then they start classes and I am with them during that time for supervision and making sure everything with the technology is working for them. Also they have 2 little and sweet doggies that during summer time we used to take them for a walk.
I don’t have a preference age, I think that each kid from the different ages that I’ve been taking care for has been such a great experience.
I like to be an Au pair because I’m an only child, then I feel that the big sister feeling is always with my hosts kids which is really nice, I can see how much I can learn from them and them from me, in another hand it’s a great opportunity because I’m learning a different language while I’m enjoying a wonderful experience. Doesn't matter to be far from home because the host family make you feel part of them, which has been the greatest thing for me, and I'm thankful for it.
This experience helps me to keep learning about people, culture and languages which keep me motivate every day to keep looking to reach my dreams.
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非吸烟者您参加国急救训练吗? - 是您会游泳吗? - 是您会骑自行车吗? - 是您有驾照吗? - 是,有经验的



您有驾照吗? 是,有经验的





您现在的职业是? 保姆

我的学历是 其他

Language Knowledge

西班牙语: 母语
英语: 高级 (C1), Since 2 年
法语: 初级 (A2), Since 3 月
德语: 新手 (A1), Since 2 月

关于运动的知识  RUGBY, SOCCER.

您的宗教是 基督教徒

宗教对于我来说 重要

特殊的饮食习惯 没有饮食的禁忌

任何健康问题或过敏反应 NO.

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可以加班并获得加班费吗? - 是可以照看残疾儿童吗? - 是可以住在有宠物的家庭里吗? - 是可以照看宠物吗? - 是

我想工作的国家 比利时, 法国, 卢森堡 & 瑞士

首选的地区? 大城市, 郊区, 城镇, 村, 农村

我想呆多久? >1年

最早开始的日期 九月 2020

最晚开始的日期 十月 2021




我可以照看的儿童年龄是 新生儿, 1-5岁, 6-10岁, 11-14岁, 15岁以上

我有多长儿童看护的经验? 800 小时以上

我能照看的最多儿童为? 2

我可以为单亲家庭工作 是,单亲母亲或父亲




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