家庭ID号: 1345777

孩子: 1 孩子, 1-5岁

城市: istanbul / 大城市 | 阅读更多 ⇩

名称 Cihan

国家 istanbul

邮政编码 只限于付费用户

工作开始: 六月 2019 - 八月 2019

需要互惠生去: 7-9个月

最后一次操作: 21 八月 2019


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Dear prospect member of our house,

this house requires Turkish language, attention to children pedagogy, affection, listening and learning about Waldorf system, a lot of outdoors with the child, a real relationship. I never had help with my son, I raised him so I am looking for someone to cover as much as possible for me.

There are so many things to write about when one needs to explain herself so here is just a summary.

I am a trainer and consultant so I have some days as work and some days as free. On my free days, you are off too. I can not determine these now.

I would expect full attention to my son (He will begin kindergarten half day), Full coverage of kitchen, to cook and manage for you and my son, light house-tidying.I am vegetarian, tough my kid is not. He is with his daddy every Sunday.

I wouldn't like someone to leave their own small children and also someone with a lot of family drama. Other than these it would be based on honest conversations and trust building.

I hope we find our first nanny.
warm regards
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Before: I would expect au pair guest to read and learn about attachment parenting and play pedagogy online and from my texts.

1. What qualities are most important to you in the aupair/nanny that you hire?
open vision, responsible, curious to learn, practical, compassionate, easy-going
she should be responsible for overall duties, also open to discuss problems, voice opinions, follow the house rules., taking care of herself psychologically.
2. Could you tell me about the children's medical history, education level, and current activities in which they participate? What are the personality traits of your children?
he has never gone to school until now.No health problems. we don't go to doctor as a regular thing. Home birth in USA.
he is easy going, wants logical explanations, very attentive to speaking and listening. he has traveled a lot in the world. He has seen many cities and villages and nature and city life.
3. What does your family like to do for fun?
outdoor camping or walks, city events like museums/exhibitons/festivals, going to the sea during summer and traveling during the year
4. What duties will be expected of the aupair/nanny?
full Waldorf style nannying for my son- which means just holding space for him to be a kid and play, taking some responsibilities of my back like kitchen and planning.
5. Can you give me a rough idea of the daily schedule?
some days I dont have work , so those days nanny is either off or she cant manage other items. The days I am full, I may leave at 11 or 12 at noon, or sometimes I leave at 4 in the morning to catch an early flight. Until now, I was never out in the evening for 4 years. If things go welli I may have one evening out- which i really dont think will happen
6. Who does meal planning, cooking, and grocery shopping?
I expect meal planning , shopping list and light cooking for nanny and my son. shopping is done by others.
7. Are there any pets in the home? If yes, who is responsible for their care?
person should be totally comfortable with pets and even with strays.
8. Do you as the parents travel for business? If so, how often, and will this position require me to care for the children during those times?
yes. I travel sometimes. I want to able to leave my son for one night after we build a relationship. If more than that, I will ask my mom to come also. If more than 4 days I travel with my son. these days are counted as off days for nanny.
9. Is traveling with the family part of the job?
Yes, for the summer. I move to a summer town for 3-4 months.
10. What modes of discipline and parenting style do you use?
Waldorf, attachment parenting, full compassion, not based on teaching, a lot of outdoors
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您们有宠物吗? - 是


你们住在哪里 大城市

家庭年龄在 30-45

您是单亲吗? 是,我是单亲母亲

家庭国籍 土耳其人

在家里说什么语言 英语, 土耳其语

宗教 没有宗教信仰

宗教对您来说重要吗? 不重要

职业 free lance consultant

你们家住着多少人? 1

描述您的孩子们?(名字,年龄,性别) 4years old boy

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互惠生/保姆开始工作的最早时间 六月 2019

互惠生/保姆开始工作的最晚时间 八月 2019

您打算提供多长时间的工作? 7-9个月

我们正在寻找 互惠生 and 保姆

互惠生要照看的孩子年龄? 1-5岁

互惠生要照看多少个孩子? 1

所期望的最短经验? 200小时以上

We need a tutor who can teach

How old are the students Tutor has to teach

We need who can assist and support in


您更喜欢的互惠生/保姆的国籍是? No Preferences


您要求的受教育水平 高中

互惠生/保姆每周要工作多少小时? 40 - 45

互惠生每月能得到多少零用钱? 400 美元

您愿意付(部分的)互惠生的旅行费用吗? yes

我们要求的互惠生年龄在 28-36









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Au pair guest will have her own room with a bed and a closet. Our house has 3 bedrooms and a living room, 2nd for in an apartment. There is wi-fi and weekly cleaning. We don't have a TV, because I dont like TV and my son has 0-zero screen time in his life. Groceries are all organic and they are distributed to us weekly from the organic market. House has bus and metro lines closely. There are also 3 playgrounds around the house.

It is in a popular, high-end neighborhood with regular-not especially beautiful buildings. It is very close to the business district, yet the neighborhood has a real neighborhood feeling to it. It is really in the official center of Istanbul.
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