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由Stephanie的家庭提供在Amstelveen 荷兰的儿童看护工作 - 1402619


在Amstelveen 荷兰的Child Care工作

在 Amstelveen,荷兰,荷兰人家庭提供互惠生工作,时长为选择

十二月 2021 - 一月 2022 (选择) 2 孩子 (1-5岁) 340 欧元 每月

Dear au pair, We are looking for a Russian speaking au pair to help us out with our toddler twin girls from when they will be almost 3 years

在 Amstelveen,荷兰,津巴布韦人家庭提供互惠生 并且 保姆工作,时长为7-9个月

九月 2021 - 十一月 2021 (7-9个月) 3 孩子 (1-5岁) 500 欧元 每月

在AuPair.com你能了解 来自Amstelveen (郊区), 荷兰的Aretha, 搜索互惠生 并且 保姆。 Aretha家庭是津巴布韦人 并且在家交流一般说英语。 该家庭是有3人组成的。 有3孩子(1-5岁)。 该家庭想要开始互惠生项目 - 开始时间从九月 2021到十一月 2021。 这个家庭需要大约 7-9个月的互惠生 并且 保姆。

在 Amstelveen,荷兰,荷兰人家庭提供互惠生工作,时长为10-12个月

十一月 2021 - 十一月 2022 (10-12个月) 2 孩子 (1-5岁, 6-10岁) 340 欧元 每月

I am a Chinese who lives abroad already for 20 years. My husband is born in Amsterdam, his parents come from Latin America. In the past 8 years, we multiplied our family member by 2 and now we are with us 4 living in Amstelveen. We love long distance diving vacation. We still try to travel once or twice a year. We love good food and enjoy spending time with friends on weekends. Most of our ...

在 Amstelveen,荷兰,印度人家庭提供互惠生工作,时长为10-12个月

三月 2021 - 一月 2022 (10-12个月) 2 孩子 (1-5岁) 300 欧元 每月

We are looking for an Indian Au Pair to start with our family next year in Europe. We are a highly educated Indian family, settled in Europe for over 10 years, looking for a reliable Au pair from India. We will take care of all expenses including flight fare but expect the person to do all house hold activities and taking of babies. this means the Au pair should do cooking, cleaning as well be ...


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