家庭ID号: 1349462

孩子: 1 孩子, 6-10岁

城市: Graz Umgebung / 郊区 | 阅读更多 ⇩

名称 Beatrix

国家 Styria

邮政编码 点击这里查看

工作开始: 一月 2023 - 三月 2023

停留时间: 6-24 月

最后一次操作: 7 天前


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Dear Applicant!

First of all: You do NOT need German skills to become part of our familiy! But a diving license (with experience!) would be definitly a plus!

Our common language at home is German (mother language). We both speak English fluently. When we lived abroad our daughter visited an international English kindergarden. We want you to talk ENGLISH with her; that’s why you should have very good English skills, family wise there is no need for German, but we are happy to support if you are interested in.

All in all we are an easygoing, open minded family and I think we offer overall a great package!
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We look for YOU, if you are a reliable and honest with the attitude to tread kids as "individual".
In your daily routine you are expected to make sure that Olivia get ready for school, bring her and pick her up in the afternoon.
Being with her you should be a positive and joyful playmate but also being sensitive for periods to give her opportunity to play on her own. We are looking for somebody who is willing to prepare a snack or easy dinner for the afternoon. In our family we do not follow any specific diet but (try :)) pay attention to healthy food.

As we like our home being organized, not overloaded and clean we wish things are put away after use (or after a period during the day) - ideally by the person who used it (this includes also our little one).

We are on the way to a changed set-up where we will work partially in Vienna and partially in home office; thus require you to block your working hours for these days, but as a benefit having also blocked/long weekends. We usually do not require any support on Friday, Saturday and Sundays.
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家庭有宠物 - 是


家庭住在 郊区

父母的年龄在 30-45

您是单亲家庭吗? 不,我们家有父亲和母亲

国籍 奥地利人

在家里说 英语, 德语

宗教 天主教徒

宗教的重要性 不重要

职业 Procurement Management / project manager

住在家里的人 3

孩子/人的年龄和性别 6 年 女

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需要会骑自行车 - 是需要会开车 - 是

工作时长(每周) 15 - 20

互惠生的零用钱为 490 欧元

保姆的薪水 550 欧元


停留时长 6-24 月

最早能开始工作的日期 一月 2023

最晚能开始工作的日期 三月 2023

正在寻找 互惠生 并且 保姆

儿童/成年人的年龄 6-10岁

要照看的人/儿童 1

最低要求的照顾儿童的经验 没有偏好




优先考虑的国籍 无偏好

 英语, Minimum 中高级 (B2)

要求的受教育水平 高中

愿意支付全部/部分的旅行费用吗? -

年龄要求 18-55









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My name is Beate (40) and together with my partner Christoph (44) we became a family 2016 when our daughter was born.
Olivia is a very independent and extremely communicative and open girl for her age. She loves music and dancing!
We are used to be outside a lot but we do not have "crowded" programs. We love to have a good mixture of highlights/action and boring "just being" time.

In case you have any allergy to animals - no worry - as we have "only" two rabbits in a very easy going cage and we usually take care of them ourselves :)
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We live on a more country side area but very close to Graz which is the capital city of Styria (its about 20min drive to its center) in a very nice house with pool and big garden. The bus stop is a few meters away. But we are also well situated for weekend trips (2 hours to major ski areas or 1 hour for mountain hiking tours, 2,5 hours to the coast of Croatia, 2 hours to Vienna, and only 1/2 hour to the wine yards south styria, etc.)

You have a very sunny room, own small bathroom with shower and even a small kitchen and unlimited internet, of course. This is organized like a small apartment next to the house with own entrance, sharing one common wall but without inside connection, which makes it private. However, we enjoy having meals together and welcoming you as part of our familiy!
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