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在London 英国的互惠生工作

在 London,英国,英国人家庭提供互惠生 并且 保姆工作,时长为选择

三月 2023 - 五月 2023 (选择) 1 孩子 (新生儿, 1-5岁, 6-10岁) 1600 英镑 每月

Santus Sui is our $k ý pè ID. Contact us there for more details

在 london,英国,英国人家庭提供互惠生工作,时长为选择

二月 2023 - 十二月 2023 (选择) 1 孩子 (6-10岁) 500 英镑 每月

我们是一个非常友好的家庭。 在托管保姆方面经验丰富,我们在过去 8 年中接待了 6 位互惠生。 对我们来说,保姆不是雇员,而是我们家庭的一员,并被视为家庭成员。您会发现我们是非常友好、乐于助人、乐于助人的好主人。

在 London,英国,苏格兰人家庭提供互惠生 并且 保姆工作,时长为选择

三月 2023 - 五月 2023 (选择) 1 孩子 (1-5岁) 300 英镑 每月

We are a small family of 3 with a baby on the way. We live in London, close to bus stops and the tube station. We have some lovely walking spots and parks close by. There are also other au pairs living in our area. We are looking for someone who will join us and take good care of Ellie our precious daughter.

在 London,英国,中国人家庭提供互惠生工作,时长为选择

三月 2023 - 五月 2023 (选择) 2 孩子 (6-10岁) 300 英镑 每月

我们是单身家庭。 我们正在寻找一个值得信赖的互惠生来协助我们的育儿和处理每天接送孩子上学和放学并管理他们的日常需求。 您还需要承担一些简单的家务劳动。 孩子们的学校距离酒店约有 20 分钟的步行路程或 10 分钟的巴士车程。 我们位于伦敦芬奇利区,距离芬奇利中央地铁站不到 2 ...

在 London,英国,澳大利亚人家庭提供互惠生工作,时长为选择

四月 2023 - 五月 2023 (选择) 3 孩子 (1-5岁, 6-10岁) 500 英镑 每月

我们是一个即将搬到伦敦的澳大利亚家庭,有兴趣找一个保姆加入我们在伦敦的行列。 有父母(凯特和劳里)和三个孩子,托马斯(10 岁)、安娜(7 岁)和雨果(差不多 3 岁)。 我们已经有一套位于市中心的公寓 - 从帕丁顿车站步行约 10

在 London,英国,英格兰人家庭提供互惠生工作,时长为选择

六月 2023 - 八月 2023 (选择) 1 孩子 (1-5岁) 800 英镑 每月

Hello! We are looking for someone to join our family when our amazing au pair, Elysha, moves on to university. Our daughter, Talia, will be 2 years old in September. We live in Greenwich, a leafy part of London near Greenwich Royal Park and in a building overlooking the River Thames. There are some very excellent playgrounds nearby, great baby classes locally, and all the museums and parks of ...

在 london,英国,澳大利亚人家庭提供互惠生工作,时长为选择

二月 2023 - 四月 2023 (选择) 1 孩子 (1-5岁) 450 英镑 每月

We are looking for an au pair to help out with our 2 year old son. You will have your own room with ensuite in central london close to the park. My husband and I work from home quite a bit so tend to be around the house during the day. We're looking for someone with experience, common sense, an ability to cook and is organised. Most importantly though, we want a happy soul, someone that enjoys ...

在 London,英国,英国人家庭提供互惠生工作,时长为选择

九月 2023 - 十月 2023 (选择) 2 孩子 (1-5岁) 400 英镑 每月

Hi, we are a young family, with two children and two dogs and would like to find someone to join our family to help us. Our current Aupair is going to leave in September after living with us for four years. We are looking for a helpful caring individual, who is clean and courteous.

在 LONDON,英国,美国人家庭提供互惠生工作,时长为选择

四月 2023 - 七月 2023 (选择) 3 孩子 (新生儿, 1-5岁) 80 英镑 每月

My husband and I live in central London with our two young children (3 year-old boy and an 11 month-old girl). We work pretty long hours at our jobs (working from home) in our flat in South Kensington in London. Our hope is to find someone to help out mostly in the mornings and the evenings, getting the kids their breakfast and starting their day, as well as feeding them dinner and getting ...

在 London,英国,英国人家庭提供互惠生工作,时长为选择

四月 2023 - 四月 2023 (选择) 2 孩子 (1-5岁) 500 英镑 每月

Dear au pair, ** Candidate must be available to move in from 4/5th April approx and have very good verbal English speaking skills. We are a family of four (based in West London), myself, husband and two daughters who are 14 months and 4.5 years old. We are looking for someone experienced who is professional, friendly and social to live in with us as an au pair: - Move in to our new ...


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