家庭ID号: 1335742

孩子: 2 孩子, 1-5岁, 6-10岁

城市: Carcassonne / 城镇 更多 ⇩

名称 Matt

国家 Occitanie

邮政编码 只限于付费用户

工作开始: 六月 2019 - 七月 2019

需要互惠生去: 10-12个月

最后一次操作: 26 七月 2019


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Hi, we are a bilingual French/English family looking for an au pair for an immediate start for June July August and September 2019 (or much longer) who would live-in with us at our home and holiday-let business in Carcassonne, France. Duties to include babysitting 2 bilingual French/English children 4 yrs girl and 7 yrs boy Tuesday to Saturday nights. Mother works in an Irish bar from 19h to 03h. The au pair would have Sunday and Monday off and most other days free to explore… or learn French… or get a day job in the local medieval castle (plenty of restaurants or hotels). Inclusion in family excursions, camping, beach, historic sites, nature hikes... Bed and board plus weekly pocket-money. Use of the pool between guest check-ins. Would suit someone with an interest in France/French (or looking to improve their English) who is on holidays from school/college, on gap year or sabattical, or a retiree. Mother is Irish from Tipperary. Father is British from London. Father works in London three weeks out of four. Possibility for au pair to remain in the house or to leave when father is present. More info available in private message if interested. CV and references will be required.
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our duties will involve:

1. Being in sole charge of the two children from 18h30 to 03h00 Tuesday to Saturday included

This will involve:

supervising the eating of the evening meal prepared by the mother/father

supervising the bedtime routine: ensuring that they are showered or bathed, have gone to the lavatory, brushed their teeth and are safely supervised throughout this process, and are settled in to bed with a story and a hug by 20h30 at the latest

taking our son (a heavy sleeper) to the lavatory twice during the night; usually at 10pm and again at midnight. Changing his bedding and pyjamas if an accident occurs and putting on a wash of the soiled items

keeping the children and yourself quiet so as not to disturb the gite guests (no shouting, banging, noisy toys, loud music or TV, no loud phonecalls or conversations)

washing up the dinner dishes and wiping down dinner table, a quick tidy-up of toys before bed (you can involve the children in this)

remaining in the house with the children for the entire time the mother is absent…except for an emergency such as a gas leak/fire when you will need to evacuate the house

once they are asleep in bed, you can read, use the internet, study French/English, watch a movie, write a novel, call home, go to bed… during this time. No receiving visitors. No smoking in the house. Check on the children often.

disciplining the children when necessary and in an appropriate fashion; 5 mins in the naughty corner, or sending to bed 10 mins early, or confiscating a favourite toy.

2. Other tasks
possibly some help with giving them breakfast in the mornings (my wife works nights)

ensuring that they are safe if playing outside in the garden when on duty

keeping them away from all the usual household hazards such as the stove, any pans cooking or boiling water, electrical sockets, the pool, climbing on furniture, and stopping any other dangerous behaviour, no access to the road….

generally helping look after the children on a daily basis and on shopping trips

encouraging them to read, create art or play board games or play active games instead of sitting in front of the telly!
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你们住在哪里 城镇

家庭年龄在 30-45

您是单亲吗? 不,我们家有父亲和母亲

家庭国籍 爱尔兰人

在家里说什么语言 英语, 法语

宗教 没有宗教信仰

宗教对您来说重要吗? 不重要

职业 Bar owner and production journalist

你们家住着多少人? Up to four (husband away for work)

描述您的孩子们?(名字,年龄,性别) Son aged seven and daughter aged four.

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您要求互惠生会游泳吗? - 是您要求互惠生会骑自行车吗? - 是您要求互惠生/保姆参加过急救训练吗? - 是

互惠生/保姆开始工作的最早时间 六月 2019

互惠生/保姆开始工作的最晚时间 七月 2019

您打算提供多长时间的工作? 10-12个月

我们正在寻找 互惠生


您更喜欢的互惠生/保姆的国籍是? British, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, French, German, Irish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Scottish, Welsh


所期望的最短经验? 50-100

您要求的受教育水平 高中

互惠生要照看的孩子年龄? 1-5岁, 6-10岁

互惠生要照看多少个孩子? 2

互惠生/保姆每周要工作多少小时? 35 - 40

互惠生每月能得到多少零用钱? 100 欧元

您愿意付(部分的)互惠生的旅行费用吗? -

我们要求的互惠生年龄在 18-28









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You would have your own room in the house. Toilet and shower facilities shared with family. Wifi access.

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