家庭ID号: 1980720

孩子: 3 孩子, 新生儿, 6-10岁

城市: Porto Mantovano (MN) / 郊区 | 阅读更多 ⇩

名称 Giulia

国家 伦巴第大区

邮政编码 只限于付费用户

工作开始: 九月 2022 - 十月 2022

停留时间: 9-12 月

最后一次操作: 2 天前


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回答率 - 非常积极的回答


***Available from Sept. 2023"

Dear Au Pair,
we are a joyful, creative and happy family of four (almost five…) living in the North of Italy.
My name is Giulia. I'm 41 years old and I studied and worked as Interior Designer for about ten years before deciding to be a special needs teacher.
My husband Alessandro is an electronic engineer and he works as sales manager for a small local telephone provider.
We have two children… and a half: 9 years old Nicolò, 6 years old Maya and a baby boy on the way.
We have a dog, Cake.
In 2019 we’ve decided to start this new adventure as host family and it’s proving to be a wonderful experience, both for us and the children. Our au pairs Cameron and Anne-Aurelle literally changed our lives bringing joy and brightness in our home.
If you’ll decide to be our aupair we’ll welcome you like a daughter.

***Vegan and vegetarian friendly*** ***LGBT friendly***

*** If you are from USA and decide to stay more than 90 days you’ll have to apply for a language class in a certified school in Verona (40 minutes by train). This allows you to stay up to the end of course. ***
PLEASE NOTE: to get your Student Visa you NEED to apply for a 20 hour per week class (4 hours per day during the morning) costing about 5000€. Please, make sure you can afford the cost!
Alternatively, you can try to enter an Italian university as a foreign student (we have programmes in Mantova, Verona and Modena as the closest to where we live). This would allow you to stay until the end of the study programme (up to 2-3 years). It’s really cheaper but with many documents to do!

*** Aupairs from Canada, Australia and New Zealand can apply for a working-holiday visa***
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We ask you to live connected with our family, spending time with kids, playing with them, speak in English with all of us. We ask you to be like a daughter and a big sister, spending time with us both during weekdays and weekends feeling comfortable like at home (e.g.: take the initiative, feel free to lay on the couch with family, don’t stay confined in your room all the day,etc.). You’ll be obviously free to spend time on your own and with friends, but it’s important for us to reach a familiar connection.
Every time you’ll spend time with family we’ll pay for you for every activity we’re going to do all together. Only in case we decide to have a trip requesting a flight connection we’ll ask you to help us finding the best balanced solution in the payment of the total amount (which could represent a major cost).

Consider that ,for our family, hosting an au pair is an opportunity to learn and teach each other from other cultures.
Even if you are called to “work” you’ll be always considered part of the family and we want to consider you like a daughter.
My husband and I (or grandparents) will keep the most of the primary responsabilities and you'll be rarely called to stay completely alone with the kids. That's because what we ask you is trying to live this experience not like a full time job, but with a real feeling of belonging to our family and, for this reason, help us like a daughter would be. On the other hand you’ll be always considered like our daughter, involving you in our daily routine and lives, involving you in our relatives lives (expecially grandparents).
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家庭有宠物 - 是


家庭住在 郊区

父母的年龄在 40-55

您是单亲家庭吗? 不,我们家有父亲和母亲

国籍 意大利人

在家里说 法语, 英语, 意大利语

宗教 天主教徒

宗教的重要性 不重要

职业 teacher / sales manager

住在家里的人 5

孩子/人的年龄和性别 Nicolò, 8 years old, boy
Maya, 5 years old, girl
A baby boy on the way (due date April 2022)

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需要会游泳 - 是需要会骑自行车 - 是需要会开车 - 是

工作时长(每周) 25 - 30

互惠生的零用钱为 250 欧元


停留时长 9-12 月

最早能开始工作的日期 九月 2022

最晚能开始工作的日期 十月 2022

正在寻找 互惠生

儿童/成年人的年龄 新生儿, 6-10岁

要照看的人/儿童 3

最低要求的照顾儿童的经验 没有偏好




优先考虑的国籍 美国人, 澳大利亚人, 加拿大人, 芬兰, 法属波利尼西亚人, 希腊语, 爱尔兰的, 冰岛的, 新西兰人, 挪威, 荷兰人, 瑞典


要求的受教育水平 高中

愿意支付全部/部分的旅行费用吗? No

年龄要求 18-30









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We live in a house consisting of 7 rooms including 2 bathrooms, situated 1 Km from a shopping centre, 6 Km from an educational institution where appropriate courses in the Italian language are available.
We shall provide board and lodging for you and shall place at your disposal a separate suitable room.

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