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Be Au Pair
电话: 00420-608-470376
服务: Vezni
43201 Kadan, 捷克共和国
地址: 互惠生, Nanny, 母亲帮助, 夏季互惠生
成立: 01 十二月 2015

Since 2015 we are providing Work experience programs in Ireland for Czech and Slovakia students and people between 17-25 years old. Closeman Travel agency cooperate with other agency through their partner system.

We offers short term Work...

Grapecare Ltd. Logo 
Grapecare Ltd.
电话: +420--604114081
服务: Gajdošova 7
61500 Brno, 捷克共和国
地址: 互惠生代理机构
成立: 13 一月 2012

GRAPECARE is an international agency providing service to au pairs and host families.

Grapecare Ltd Logo 
Grapecare Ltd
电话: 00420-242-444590
服务: Opletalova 1535/4
11000 Praha 1, 捷克共和国
地址: 房屋清洁工, 新生儿护理专家, 产科护士, 住在女佣
成立: 18 四月 2012

English company providing European Au Pair, Mothers help, Nannies, Housekeepers, Au pair for the elderly and more staff across the United Kingdom. We also hire and provide filipino and other asian domestic staff to Europian families. Visit UK...

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