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CNW Creative New World GmbH Logo 
CNW Creative New World GmbH
电话: +41-043-268 08 25
服务: 在家庭护理, 住在互惠生, 住在保姆, 互惠生奶奶
地址: Birchlistrasse 13
8737 Gommiswald / St. Gallen, 瑞士
成立: 01 六月 2010

CNW Creative New World Ltd, is a Swiss agency authorized by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and specialized since 2010 in Au-pair placement in French-speaking, German-speaking and Italian-speaking

Family and Aupair Logo 
Family and Aupair
电话: 41-76-4543511
服务: Nanny, 住在保姆, 活着的保姆, 互惠生
地址: Rue Pré-de-la-Fontaine, 8
1242 Genève, 瑞士
成立: 01 一月 2012

FAMILY & AUPAIR is a SECO licensed agency that helps and connects families with qualified and specialised staff in the field of childcare and housekeeping. F&A is here to serve, help and accompany our families and staff during the working

Perfect Way GmbH Logo 
Perfect Way GmbH
电话: +41-56-2813912
服务: 狗护理, 互惠生, 住在保姆, 住在女佣
地址: Badenerstrasse 9
5200 Brugg, 瑞士
成立: 01 一月 1996

Wir sind ein kleiner Familienbetrieb und vermitteln Au Pairs und Nannys in Familien wohnhaft in der Schweiz. Wir machen dies sehr gewissenhaft und mit viel Freude.
We are a small family business that places Au Pairs and Nannys in families living in...

Wind Connections
电话: 41-44-915 4104
服务: 兼职保姆, 住在保姆, 住在互惠生, 意大利语语言课程
地址: Laubholzstrasse 20C
8703 Erlenbach, 瑞士
成立: 01 十月 2002

Au pair and Nanny agency established & licensed in Switzerland since 2002. We offer professional services in French, English and German to find the best match for candidates and families. We are recognized by IAPA since

duran ACTS
电话: +41-76-3373183
服务: Nanny, 老人护理, 住在互惠生, 新生儿护理专家
地址: Engenbüelstrasse 10
8304 Wallisellen, 瑞士
成立: 13 七月 2013

We are a fully government-licensed (SECO) agency. We offer personalised and yet highly professional placement services to families looking for their

Rockmybaby GmbH Logo 
Rockmybaby GmbH
电话: 0041-43-4440978
服务: 临时保姆, 管家, 互惠生, 保姆
地址: Vorderbergstrasse 24B
6318 Walchwil, 瑞士
成立: 01 七月 2014

Leading Swiss Nanny Agency in Switzerland, placing Nannies, AuPairs, Nanny /Housekeepers and Matenity Nurses across

aupair & nanny  Logo 
aupair & nanny
电话: 0041-44 -5902464
服务: 互惠生代理机构
地址: Stockistrasse 36
8192 Glattfelden, 瑞士
成立: 25 二月 2013

. we place aupairs into host families living in Switzerland
. we also place young people living in Switzerland in host families in

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