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Dominguez, 28岁,失业的来自墨西哥寻找互惠生 USA的工作

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Hola mi nombre graciela, me interesa trabajo de niñera ya que cuento con la licenciatura de puericultura, y e trabajado con familias grandes una familia de 12 hijos, y otra de 5 niños , me siento capacitada para trabajar al cuidado de niños cuento con recomendaciones.

Victoria, 29岁,办公室文员来自墨西哥寻找互惠生 & 保姆 加拿大, USA, 爱尔兰, 墨西哥, 挪威的工作

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Mi nombre es Victoria y soy de México. Siempre me a gustado mucho trabajar con niños pequeños, soy paciente, respetuosa, tolerante, soy egresada de psicología y mi área de especialización son niños. Los niños me siguen mucho, doy calidad de tiempo y puedo ayudar en el área de las tareas del hogar y tareas de las escuelas.

Esmeralda, 28岁,销售业务员来自墨西哥寻找互惠生 & 保姆 加拿大, 捷克共和国, 意大利, 卢森堡, 英国的工作

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Hi my name is Esmeralda Almazan and i am 28 years old, i worked as an au pair previosly in new jersey USA with 2 differents families which i still have contact with them, we both have a really good relation while a worked for them and i do have recommendation letter's from both of them, also they're willing to talk to any family who's interested on me

Leslie Johana, 25岁,工程师来自墨西哥寻找互惠生 & 保姆 澳大利亚, 加拿大, 中国, 日本, 德国的工作

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Hello, everyone! My name is Leslie, I'm a 24 yo mexican girl. I'm the youngest on a lovely family of 4. I love to learn languages, I can speak spanish and english. Lately I've been learning chinese and have an HSK 2 level, which I'm looking for to get better on it. I have a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering, I have a great passion for mathematics and engineering!...

Frida Lizbeth, 29岁,管理人员来自墨西哥寻找互惠生 西班牙, USA, 爱尔兰, 意大利, 英国的工作

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Hi there! I´m Frida :) I´m from Chihuahua, Mexico, I work as an Administrative Assistant at a Medical Clinical, and I also have a small tutoring service for kids. My passions are art and culture. I´m a dog mom and I love swimming. I´d like to become Aupair to keep improving my english, and offer it as a service on my tutoring. I think nowadays speaking fluently in...

Carolina Nayeli, 20岁,办公室文员来自墨西哥寻找互惠生 德国, 荷兰, 列支敦士登的工作

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Lucia, 19岁,学生来自墨西哥寻找互惠生 爱尔兰的工作

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Hi!! My name is Lucia, I'm 19 years old. I like to cook, art, hiking, animals and new experiences; I wanna be Au pair because i went to Colorado the last year for study English and in that school i met a lot of Au pair: i loved her stories, was so sweet and funny and i thought i want this for me, I want to share my culture and know other, meet new people and make a family. I...

Jamylleth, 26岁,医生来自墨西哥寻找互惠生 德国的工作

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Hi, my name is Jamylleth, and I am excited to have the possibility for being an AuPair. I am 26 years old and I am from Mexico, I studied medicine and graduated a year ago. I have always loved working with children and have a little experience babysitting for family members. I´m in Berlin right now, I came for two and half months, between January 2023 and April 2023 as...

Sarahi, 32岁,管理人员来自墨西哥寻找保姆 加拿大的工作

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Nancy Rebeca, 27岁,物理治疗师来自墨西哥寻找老年人看护 & 同居帮助者 加拿大, 爱尔兰, 墨西哥, 西班牙, USA的工作

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Hi, I’m a physical therapist, I have worked in nursing homes and with adults in their homes. I love working with older adults. I have a Montessori certification in elderly with dementia. I would really like to help in whatever is necessary and spend quality time with you

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