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Frida, 19岁,学生 - 社会科学来自瑞典寻找互惠生 法国的工作

瑞典语, 法语, 英语 三月 2022 - 九月 2022 (选择) 非常积极的回应
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My name is Frida and I’m a responsible, happy nineteen years old girl from Stockholm, Sweden who would love to become an au pair in France! I am a stable and kindhearted person who is very happy and down to earth yet outgoing and social. I have always been an independent, driven and responsible person who cares much and I always wants to do my best, whatever my best turns...

Krizelle Lyka, 28岁, 菲律宾人, 互惠生现居住在瑞典搜索互惠生 & 老年人看护在芬兰, 卢森堡, 西班牙, 瑞典的工作

菲律宾语, 英语, 荷兰语 十二月 2021 - 三月 2022 (>1年) 平均回复
Krizelle Lyka不抽烟 Krizelle Lyka没有急救认证 Krizelle Lyka会游泳 Krizelle Lyka会骑自行车

Dear Future Host Family, First of all I want to thank you for taking the time to read my letter and for giving me the chance to share with you myself. My name is Krizelle Miñoza, 28 years of age, currently aupair here in Sweden. Wayback when I was in the Philippines, I became a full time volunteer in different NGO’s like in the orphanage, community and hospital while...

Ronja, 23岁,面包师傅来自瑞典寻找互惠生 加拿大的工作

瑞典语, 英语 八月 2022 - 一月 2023 (选择) 新注册
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Vilma, 19岁,高中学生来自瑞典寻找互惠生 巴哈马, 意大利, 西班牙的工作

瑞典语, 英语, 西班牙语 一月 2022 - 四月 2022 (选择) 平均回复
Vilma不抽烟 Vilma有急救认证 Vilma会游泳 Vilma会骑自行车

Kitija, 20岁, 拉脱维亚人, Fitness trainer现居住在瑞典搜索互惠生 & 保姆在巴哈马, 马尔代夫, 墨西哥, 瑞典, 泰国的工作

科西嘉语, 英语, 瑞典语 ... 一月 2022 - 十二月 2024 (选择) 非常积极的回应
Kitija不抽烟 Kitija有急救认证 Kitija会游泳 Kitija会骑自行车

Dear Host Family, I would like to introduce my family from the beginning. I was brought up in Ogre, the city of Latvia, together with my two siblings – Gustav and Heinrichs. I have a very nice and loving family. Youngest brother Gustav plays basketball and we run together. Biggest brother Heinrich played floorball. My dad and mom own a business where the whole family...

Nikole, 26岁, 哥伦比亚人, 工程师现居住在瑞典搜索互惠生 & 保姆在比利时, 法国, 瑞典的工作

西班牙语, 英语, 法语 二月 2022 - 六月 2022 (1-3个月) 平均回复
Nikole不抽烟 Nikole没有急救认证 Nikole会游泳 Nikole会骑自行车

My name is Nikole, I'm 24 years old. I live in the coast of Colombia on a city called Barranquilla. I don't know if you have ever listened about " En Barranquilla me quedo" I hope so, talking a lit bit about me I currently live with my grandmother taking care of her while we are lockdown. It has been a pleasure being with her at this time. I'm taking care of all the duties...

Rica, 23岁, 菲律宾人, 互惠生现居住在瑞典搜索互惠生在丹麦, 冰岛, 卢森堡, 挪威, 瑞典的工作

菲律宾语, 英语, 瑞典语 九月 2021 - 九月 2022 (10-12个月) 新注册
Rica不抽烟 Rica没有急救认证 Rica会游泳 Rica会骑自行车

Hello! I’m Rica, a Filipino citizen working as an au pair here in Sweden. Let me introduce myself, I’m 23 yrs old, single and have no kids. I have a bachelor degree in computer technology. I can speak and understand english. I’m a flexible, trustworthy and with initiative person. I can easily adapt with people and environment. I’m also the eldest in the family so...

Taharah, 24岁, 南非人, 互惠生现居住在瑞典搜索保姆 & 老年人看护在丹麦, 瑞典, 芬兰, 法国, 西班牙的工作

南非语, 英语 四月 2022 - 五月 2022 (选择) 非常积极的回应
Taharah不抽烟 Taharah有急救认证 Taharah会游泳 Taharah会骑自行车

Dear Future Host Family, My name is Taharah, I’m 25 and I’m from a small town called Rustenburg which is in the North West Province of South Africa. I grew up in a big family of 1 brother, 2 sisters and I am the oldest in the family. I grew up being raised by a single mom who worked hard to help me become the impeccable young woman I am today. Growing up with a single...

Emma, 31岁,社工来自瑞典寻找保姆 冰岛, 爱尔兰, 波多黎各, USA, 英国的工作

瑞典语, 英语 七月 2022 - 七月 2022 (选择) 新注册
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你好! 我叫艾玛,今年 31 岁,5 月将 32...

Amanda, 19岁,毕业生(高中)来自瑞典寻找互惠生 法国, 德国, 意大利, 西班牙的工作

瑞典语, 英语, 西班牙语 一月 2022 - 十二月 2022 (选择) 平均回复
Amanda不抽烟 Amanda没有急救认证 Amanda会游泳 Amanda会骑自行车

你好! 我叫阿曼达,今年 19...

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