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Hello there, I am looking for my first job opportunity as an Aupair, although to tell the truth the first experience I already had ... I would say that during the last 12 years! I have 3 siblings, the youngest is 12, so I have learned over time from changing diapers to doing homework I get along very well with children and teenagers, I like to spend time and above all have...

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Dear Future Family, My name is Francesca, I am an 18 years old Italian student and I can speak English (and Italian) fluently, while I can also speak French or Portuguese. I love traveling and discovering new cultures all around the world. I like creating bonds among people and share the beauties of my culture. I can adapt very quickly to the situations that occur. I am a...

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Bonjour chère famille, je m'appelle Sara, je suis étudiante à Napoli où j'ai travaillé comme baby-sitter. Actuellement je suis définitivement à ROME c'est pour cette raison je cherche un job comme AUPAIR à Rome et environs. Je crois qu'avec ce travail, je parviendrai à améliorer mon italien et mon autonomie financière et aussi à connaître des gens de...

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