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YA ESTOY EN ALEMANIA, YA BUSCO UNA FAMILIA. ICH BIN IN Deutschland (MUNICH) AUF der SUCHE nach einer Familie in dieser WOCHE Hola! Hola! Mi nombre es Lili, tengo 22 años, nací en Tabasco (sí, salsa Tabasco pero no es de Tabasco), México. Viena Dank für das Lesen, ich freue mich, calvo ein Teil Ihrer Familie zu sein.

Amalinalli, 26岁,学生 - 艺术/商业/管理来自墨西哥寻找互惠生 德国, USA的工作

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*** I already have everything ready and my A1 german certificate too but I just need a lovely family for update my documents at the german embassy and get my au pair visa :) ** Dear Family My name is Amalinalli and I'm from México and I'm 26 years old. I'm very happy and excited to have this unique experience to meet you and share with you and my host kids many pleasant...

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Mi nombre es Alma y deseo ser Au Pair porque quiero aprender más sobre otros idiomas y culturas y estoy convencida de que convivir con una familia nativa o establecida en el país es una forma adecuada para hacerlo, además de que me considero una persona con la paciencia necesaria para comprender y tener una efectiva comunicación con los niños; tengo un alto nivel de...

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Hello, my name is Ana Mary Ugalde I'm 21 and I'm from Mexico. I want to be an AuPair because I was one last year with a family in Houston and I loved it and I would like to live again the AuPair experience but in another country. The advantage of having me as an AuPair is that I have done this before and I have a lot of experience with

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Alondra Jazmín, 17岁,学生来自墨西哥寻找互惠生 & 同居帮助者 德国, 西班牙, USA, 法国, 意大利的工作

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Hello, how are you? My name is Alondra, I am of Mexican nationality and I would like to have an experience in your family, I would love to learn about your culture and everything they do, I really like children since I think they are joy and brightness of life, I would love to fill you with tenderness, love, understanding and affection, as well as support you in any problem,...

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你好! 我是一名兼职学生,正在寻找一个住在巴黎的家庭,我的技能非常广泛,我可以帮助您的孩子完成家庭作业和他们要求我做的一切。 我想成为互惠生,因为我需要钱去法国学习,另一方面我喜欢孩子。

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