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阅读来自德国, 法国和世界各地的家庭的真实故事,这些家庭雇用了互惠生并参加了文化交流

来自Augsburg, 德国的Cathrin家庭的互惠生经验

We have had a very good experience with Yaryna. She really became a part of the family and we miss her already very much. She already knew German very well and had experience and talent with the children.

来自MEYZIEU, 法国的Vincent家庭的互惠生经验

Very good website allowing families to find high quality aupairs from every where around the globe. It will be our 6th aupair we welcome and so far it was always a success!

来自Birkenhead, 英国的Momchil家庭的互惠生经验

Very pleased with au It has allowed me to find Janaina. She’s been great throughout. Helping me a lot in the house, going above and beyond my expectations. Having her here has allowed me to have a lot of well needed free time.

来自Aschaffenburg (Nähe Frankfurt), 德国的Monika家庭的互惠生经验

Best experience, the Au Pair has exceeded expectations and is now even engaged here. She was highly motivated and above all thought along.

来自Baza, 西班牙的Mabel家庭的互惠生经验

I have hired several aupairs in the last 11 years, some of them through and I tend to come back to this site. In the past there was some issues with not being able to remove applicants you already have discarded, but that is sorted now. I think it is a very easy to use site and I will keep subscribing to find aupairs for the next years. My last aupair is one of the bests I have had so far, we have a very good relationship and the girls love her.

来自Bodensdorf, 奥地利的Karin家庭的互惠生经验 very good platform with many filter and search functions; communication easy. Our au pair: excellent! a real friendship developed and a real cultural exchange with language improvement for all :-) there were no discussions about work and free time, the program was discussed together and all could contribute constructively, so that all wishes could be considered

来自Warszawa, 波兰的Joanna家庭的互惠生经验

It was very nice to host our next au-pair. Once again it was a great time!

来自Waldkappe, 德国的Sandra家庭的互惠生经验

Noelia was the sun of Spain in person. Always in a good mood and friendly. Very communicative and played nicely with our daughter. She also changed diapers and took good care of her. We wish her all the best and remember with pleasure the time we spent together.

来自Hambühren, 德国的Maria家庭的互惠生经验

It took about 1.5 months until we found the first suitable Au Pair, but it was more than worth it. Without hidden costs. Simply with a Premium membership. Everything else can be clarified very easily with the Au Pair herself. It brings our family a clear added value :) Always happy to return.

来自Gresten, 奥地利的Alexandra Sofia家庭的互惠生经验

The platform works simply and well. I have taken valuable information from the materials provided.

来自Chichester, 英国的Nicolette家庭的互惠生经验

We used in 2017 for a short period of time. It worked very nicely. This year, we have different needs and it has taken me much of one entire month to get a response from an au pair that seems to match our requirements. However, the Aupair that we have just found today, miraculously matches our requirements more than perfectly. We have had a short video meeting today and tomorrow, we will have a longer meeting. She is so very lovely and will be a perfect match for our needs as an au pair/tutor for our young boy and a friend for our teenager.

来自BORDEAUX, 法国的Jerome家庭的互惠生经验

Hello, We welcomed Christine in September 2021, her integration went well. After 10 months, we have seen her make progress in French but also grow as a person. She is now part of the family. We would like to repeat the experience and hope that it goes as well. is a good platform to connect people. Sincerely Jerome

来自PLEYBEN, 法国的Lorenn家庭的互惠生经验

Elena is a wonderfull Au Pair. Mature, openminded, Kind, sweet with children. She can take care of babies and children, and is so helpfull with cooking, housekeeping, ironing. Always smiling. Great experience. We will miss her so much.

来自Newtownabbey, 英国的Pauline家庭的互惠生经验

I like that I can filter the search criteria and receive messages from within my criteria. Vast aupairs to choose from all over the world. We had the privilege of hosting Gnany our first Aupair in our family. Gnany is very responsible, articulate young girl. She got on well instantly with my daughter. She made our first Aupair experience unforgettable. She is an excellent cook, spoilt for choice menu. She kept me daughter engaged through out her stay, and both had so much fun together while i was at work. Plenty of photos and videos after their daily fun day to look at. She has a bright future ahead of her, very focused individual. We wish her all the best in her endeavours. ❤️

来自St. Koloman, 奥地利的Michaela家庭的互惠生经验

Madlen met our expectations exactly and exceeded them by far. We hope that if she wants to work as an au pair again, we will be able to welcome her back.

来自Banstead, 英国的Kirsteen家庭的互惠生经验

Really good to get to browse profiles and have a chat via the site first before moving on to video calls and making a decision

来自Claregalway Village, 爱尔兰的Jaclyn家庭的互惠生经验

I found the selection of Au Pairs to be abundant. I was able to interview several candidates and feel confident in our selection. The contract and suggestions from the website were very helpful.

来自Prince George, 加拿大的Devon家庭的互惠生经验

This has been lovely. We are very excited to have Sandy and have recommended to everyone in our friend group.

来自NERY, 法国的Julie & Jean家庭的互惠生经验

After Riley and Leah, both American and found thanks to, we will have Remi with us at home who will come from Australia to spend the year with us. in its Premium version is really perfect for the matchmaking. We recommend it.

来自Logatec, 斯洛文尼亚的Angelina家庭的互惠生经验

Was able to make contact and receive responses from a large number of candidates. Premium contract template was useful, as well as the handbooks. Very good experience with current au pair, who we managed to find during coronavirus complications.