au pair

阅读来自波兰, 瑞士和世界各地的家庭的真实故事,这些家庭雇用了互惠生并参加了文化交流

来自Stargard, 波兰的Urszula家庭的互惠生经验

We had a great time with Mina :-) We hope to see her again!

来自Sion, 瑞士的Barbara家庭的互惠生经验

Excellent! Everything stuck perfectly and the agreement is perfect!


It was easy to find an au pair on A lot of information is available and useful to make a first selection.

来自Dieburg, 德国的Nicole家庭的互惠生经验

Thank you very much! We have had very good experience with and will use this again and recommend!

来自Milano, 意大利的Daniele家庭的互惠生经验

We fell in love with Juliane as soon as we met her and would stay with her forever. She has now become one more daughter.

来自Aubenas, 法国的Vanessa家庭的互惠生经验

The contact was very easy. Emmanoela is a very kind girl with children and can easily interact with them. She knows how to take her space and remains discreet at the same time. A very positive experience for us.

来自Bonn, 德国的Sebastian家庭的互惠生经验

We are very satisfied with both and Anna, our Au Pair.

来自Solymar, 匈牙利的Noemi家庭的互惠生经验

Katell was the best Au pair we ever had. A beautiful person inside and out. Most of the girls we found on the website were amazing. The customer service from the website responds to me pretty quickly.

来自Burgos, 西班牙的Beatriz家庭的互惠生经验

We had a very good experience. We were confirmed a week after arriving and we were all at ease, as if we were a family.

来自VICTORIA, 加拿大的Heidi家庭的老年人看护经验 makes it easy to search for specific countries and skill sets. This was a huge asset when I needed someone with a physical therapy background for private home care. Paola is new to Canada and adjusting well. We are thrilled that she was able to come so quickly and we worked hard together to get her immigration paperwork in order quickly.

来自Zürich, 瑞士的Sebestyén家庭的互惠生经验

Very good. A lot of options to choose. The site works very well and is quite informative and helpful.

来自Romford, 英国的Anita家庭的互惠生经验

We used the Premium service and managed to find our Au Pair in one week. We were impressed by the quality of candidates and would use this platform again.

来自Spalt-Wasserzell, 德国的Christian家庭的互惠生经验

The experience with 4 Au Pairs so far has always been very good. I can only recommend it.

来自Brussels, 比利时的Leticia家庭的互惠生经验

Very good experience with Irene, who came for 1 year and ended up staying 2.

来自Freiburg, 德国的Josephine家庭的互惠生经验

Very informative. Supportive! Good alternative to the Agency

来自Saint Julien en Genevois, 法国的Katrin家庭的互惠生经验

Florian was a great support for us and the kids loved him!

来自San Giovanni Al Natisone, 意大利的Maria Cristina家庭的互惠生经验

This is the third au pair I have been able to find thanks to The site is really well done and effectively walks the family through the search, while also offering a whole host of useful information. The au pair experience was and is enriching not only for my children but for our whole family. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your good work.

来自Kozy, 波兰的Natalia家庭的互惠生经验

Wonderful girl that helped us so much. Both with the grandma and the youngest of our 3 daughters.

来自NERY, 法国的Julie & Jean家庭的互惠生经验 allowed us to find 2 Au Pairs who spent 2 years with us. They were two very nice experiences that we will repeat this year.

来自Carrouge, 瑞士的Christophe家庭的互惠生经验

We are very happy with Bence in his role as an au pair