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Kinder:: 1 Kinder:, 1-5 Jahre

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Name Lenka

Region/Land Cambridgeshire

PLZ Nur für Premium-Mitglieder

Job Start: Sept. 2019 - Sept. 2019

Aufenthaltslänge: 4-6 Mon.

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Brief ans Au Pair

Dear Au pair,

We are a Slovak-English family with a 3 year old daughter called Minna.
Minna is easy going but full of energy. She loves it when someone reads her a story. She is very energetic and likes to run around and explore things either inside or outside (we have a big garden so there is plenty of room).
My name is Lenka (the mother). I am 32 and I am originally from Slovakia. I have lived in the UK for the last 14 years. I have a Bachelors degree in English law.
Barwell (the father) is English. He is 53, studied at the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester and he is a farmer.

We have a 7 year-old cat called Emily, who most of the time lives outside catching mice and exploring the countryside but every now and then comes in to enjoy some cuddles with her family and to get some treats.

We are looking for an open minded person that is understanding of our long hours work schedule and is willing to cooperate with us to ensure we all get on as a one big family. In return we will welcome you in our home and treat you as our equal working with you in terms of time off for studying, recommending best places to go sightseeing, offering a listening ear if you have any problem or just feeling a bit home sick. We will assist to our best ability with your visa requirements, travel arrangements, setting up bank account, UK phone number etc.
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Job Beschreibung


Your job would be getting Minna ready in the morning – changing her from pyjamas and getting her school bag ready; then taking her to the childminder who lives about 3 miles (6 minutes in the car) from us. After dropping Minna off you would be asked to do some light housework such as vacuuming, mopping, dusting, laundry etc. This would be spread across the week so it would only take about 1-2 hours a day. You can then have the rest of the day off until it is time to pick Minna up in the late afternoon. You would then bring her back home and play with her until bedtime. You may be asked to give her a bath, change her into her pyjamas and occasionally put her to bed (depending on how busy my day is and whether I can get home before she goes to bed). Occasional babysitting (after she goes to bed) may be required.

Minna's usual routine is as follows:
* Wake up about 6:30
* wash, brush teeth, get changed, go to childminder's for 7:15
* finish at childminder's at 17:00, go home
* play until 18:30, bath, pyjamas, brush teeth
* bed at 19:00 (after a story)

NB: Minna has been offered a place at the local pre-school (kindergarten) on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (12:30-15:30) starting in September, so she will need picking up from the childminder and dropping off (it will be a slight change to the routine but we'll work out what works best for everyone).

You would be required to drive Minna to and back from the childminder's. We would organise for you to have at least 2 hours with a professional driving instructor for you to get used to driving on the left hand side of the road.

The start should be no later than 15th September. This is so the au pair can get used to ours and especially Minna's routine, get used to driving on the other side of the road and get to know the area before we get too busy so I can show her around and explain things/answer any questions she may have.

We need someone to stay until the end of November - beginning of December (cca 3 months)

The pocket money would be £100 per week (cca 30-35 hours per week but if you want to earn more money there is opportunity to do more hours) plus £20 per week for food (due to our work you would have to cook for yourself).
There is an opportunity to greatly improve your English as we only speak English at home and the local college offers English language courses in different levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced etc).
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Info über die Familie

Die Familie hat Haustiere - Ja

Die Familie hat Haustiere Ja

Die Familie lebt in Ländlich

Alter der Eltern 35-50

Sind Sie alleinerziehend? Nein, wir sind ein Paar

Nationalität englisch

Sprache, die Zuhause gesprochen wird Englisch

Religion Christlich

Bedeutung der Religion Unwichtig

Gegenwärtige Beschäftigung Farmers

Personen im Haushalt 3

Alter und Geschlecht der zu betreuenden Kinder/Personen Mother 32
Farther 53
Daughter 3

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Job Anforderungen

Au Pair muss Auto fahren - Ja

Frühestes Startdatum Sept. 2019

Spätestes Startdatum Sept. 2019

Aufenthaltslänge 4-6 Mon.

Sie suchen ein Au Pair

Bevorzugtes Geschlecht weiblich

Bevorzugte Nationalität des Au Pairs Keine Präferenzen

Gewünschte Sprachkenntnisse ausreichend

Gewünschte Erfahrungen in der Betreuung 50-100

Gewünschtes Bildungsniveau Keine Präferenzen

Alter der zu betreuenden Kinder/Personen 1-5 Jahre

Kinder/Personen, die betreut werden sollen 1

Wöchentliche Arbeitsstunden 35 - 40

Monatliches Taschengeld 455 GBP

Beteiligung an Reisekosten -

Gewünschtes Alter des Au Pairs 20-40

Akzeptiert Raucher Ja, außerhalb des Hauses

Betreuung von Kindern/Personen mit Behinderungen Nein

Betreuung von Haustieren Nein

Soll schwimmen können Nein

Soll Fahrrad fahren können Nein

Au Pair kann Sprachkurs besuchen Ja

Erwartet Erste-Hilfe-Kurs Nein

Au Pair muss Auto fahren Ja

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Beschreibung der Familie

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Au Pair Unterbringung

You would have your own private double bedroom with a TV (built-in DVD player) and a alarm clock radio. Bathroom is shared
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