Familien ID: 1406181

Kinder:: 2 Kinder:, 1-5 Jahre

Ort: Fidenza / Vorort | Mehr ⇩

Name Michael

Region/Land Emilia-Romagna

PLZ Nur für Premium-Mitglieder

Job Start: Feb. 2020 - Apr. 2020

Aufenthaltslänge: 4-6 Mon.

Letzter Login: 1 Days Ago

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Brief ans Au Pair

Dear Au Pair,

It would be a pleasure for us to welcome you in our family. We have two little kids Mark is 2 and a half years old and he is the sporty smiling one, while Carmen is 5 years and she the artist of our family, she spends hours in painting and reading books. In our freetime we love to stay outside in parks or in the countryside. We love nature.
Both childrean are well educated, they listen to adults, they are pure magic and if you win their trust, you feel in heaven, they are mature, brilliant and funny

My wife is Italian and I'm Austrian we try grew up our kids bilingual ( Italian and German) if we could also add english as third language, it would be great.
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Job Beschreibung

We are searching for an Au pair, because we want grew up our kids open minded and interested in other cultures, we strongly believe that in we can learn from other cutures.

We would need a help in our daily routine because my wife is working in retail buisness and I in logistics, both full time. Our jobs don't have fix days off in the week, it could be monday and tuesday as friday and saturday, so your day off could be different week by week.
When we are free you can have off and we will try to give you two days in a row to discover Italy.

Our daily routine looks like this: we wake up around 7:30 AM, prepare them for the kindergarden and do the brakefast, Carmen is going by bus and Mark needs to be brought there, it takes 5 minute walk or 2 minutes by Bike. After this, every second day, you should go to the supermarkt to buy food for dinner or clean up the children room and help with half an hour clean/tide our common rooms. The rest of the morning until 3.15 PM you're free and you can do your language course or what you prefer.

In afternoon Mark finishes from 3:15 PM, Carmen arrives with the Bus at 4 PM, Mark needs then to have a snack (some fruit he loves to eat fruit) after this normally we go to the Park or take walk in the city or play at home if it rains.

We eat dinner at 7.30 PM after the dinner is family time and we read books, shower the kids. They go to bed around 9 PM.
Unfortunately it is difficult to be at home all together, as my wife 2 times a week comes home at 9 PM and sometimes I work overnight.

We love to travel, we love to learn new things, we love to be parents, we enjoy life, we laugh a lot, our home is full of love and ideas, everyone is heard and we listen to each other, we offer you a genuine and serene home.
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Info über die Familie

Die Familie hat Haustiere Nein

Die Familie lebt in Vorort

Alter der Eltern 30-45

Sind Sie alleinerziehend? Nein, wir sind ein Paar

Nationalität italienisch

Sprache, die Zuhause gesprochen wird Deutsch, Italienisch

Religion Christlich

Bedeutung der Religion Unwichtig

Gegenwärtige Beschäftigung We are both working

Personen im Haushalt 4

Alter und Geschlecht der zu betreuenden Kinder/Personen We have 2 children both are very special Carmen is 5 years old and she is the artist, she likes drawing and spends hours in "reading" books, at the other there is Mark 2,5 years old he is always smiling and laughnig and allways in motion, the love ea

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Job Anforderungen

Soll Fahrrad fahren können - JaErwartet Erste-Hilfe-Kurs  - Ja

Frühestes Startdatum Feb. 2020

Spätestes Startdatum Apr. 2020

Aufenthaltslänge 4-6 Mon.

Sie suchen ein Au Pair

Bevorzugtes Geschlecht weiblich

Bevorzugte Nationalität des Au Pairs Australisch, Österreichisch, Kanadisch, Englisch, Deutsch, Isländisch, Irisch, Japanisch, Neuseeländisch, Norwegisch, Schottisch

Gewünschte Sprachkenntnisse Keine Präferenzen

Gewünschte Erfahrungen in der Betreuung 10-50

Gewünschtes Bildungsniveau High School

Alter der zu betreuenden Kinder/Personen 1-5 Jahre

Kinder/Personen, die betreut werden sollen 2

Wöchentliche Arbeitsstunden 25 - 30

Monatliches Taschengeld 320 EUR

Beteiligung an Reisekosten -

Gewünschtes Alter des Au Pairs 20-29

Akzeptiert Raucher Nein

Betreuung von Kindern/Personen mit Behinderungen Nein

Betreuung von Haustieren Nein

Soll schwimmen können Nein

Soll Fahrrad fahren können Ja

Au Pair kann Sprachkurs besuchen Ja

Erwartet Erste-Hilfe-Kurs Ja

Au Pair muss Auto fahren Nein

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Beschreibung der Familie

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