Familien ID: 1501984

Kinder: 3 Kinder, 1-5 Jahre, 6-10 Jahre, 11-14 Jahre

Ort: Millars Well / Stadt | Mehr ⇩


Region/Land Western Australia

PLZ Nur für Premium-Mitglieder

Job Start: Jun. 2020 - Jun. 2020

Aufenthaltslänge: 7-9 Mon.

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Brief ans Au Pair

We are the Ugle family: parents Sarah and Kevin and our three children Lynton aged 9 and Cooper aged 4 and Nate aged 2. We also have a 5 year old dog called Ari. We love sport and adventure either going out on our boat or in our caravan. We live in Sunny Karratha .
Karratha- although a city is in a remote part of North West Australia. The climate is very hot in Summer and beautiful in Winter. If you wish to experience true outback Australia then Karratha and surrounds is the place to come. We are approx. 5 hours drive from the famous Karajini national Park and 8 hours drive from Broome. As a family we intend to holiday in these beautiful locations which you are welcome to join us on the trips. Sarah works with the Indigenous community in Roebourne and can give you the opportunity to experience one of the oldest known cultures and see some amazing rock art.
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Job Beschreibung

You will be required to get the children ready for school and pick them up when school and kindy finishes. This will mean breakfasts, preparing lunches and uniforms and walking them to their schools. In the afternoon you will need to pick them up, give them afternoon tea, help with homework. Nate will be at home all day someimes and you will be expected to entertain him and take him out to the park or beach every now and then. But he is content chilling out at home as well. During school holidays you will have full time care of all of the boys during the week days.

Kevin works week on, week off (Wednesday – Tuesday) .
This means that along with weekends the Au pair can have an extra day each week off sometimes two.
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Info über die Familie

Die Familie hat Haustiere - Ja

Die Familie hat Haustiere Ja

Die Familie lebt in Stadt

Alter der Eltern 30-45

Sind Sie alleinerziehend? Nein, wir sind ein Paar

Nationalität australisch

Sprache, die Zuhause gesprochen wird Englisch

Religion keine Religion

Bedeutung der Religion Unwichtig

Gegenwärtige Beschäftigung Manager

Personen im Haushalt 5

Alter und Geschlecht der zu betreuenden Kinder/Personen 3 boys, 4,6 and 12 years old

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Job Anforderungen

Soll schwimmen können - JaSoll Fahrrad fahren können - JaAkzeptiert Raucher - JaErwartet Erste-Hilfe-Kurs  - JaAu Pair muss Auto fahren - Ja

Frühestes Startdatum Jun. 2020

Spätestes Startdatum Jun. 2020

Aufenthaltslänge 7-9 Mon.

Sie suchen ein Au Pair

Alter der zu betreuenden Kinder/Personen 1-5 Jahre, 6-10 Jahre, 11-14 Jahre

Kinder/Personen, die betreut werden sollen 3

Gewünschte Erfahrungen in der Betreuung 50-100

Wir brauchen einen Tutor für

Wie alt sind die Menschen, die der Tutor unterrichten soll?

Wir brauchen Unterstützung bei

Bevorzugtes Geschlecht weiblich

Bevorzugte Nationalität des Au Pairs Keine Präferenzen

Gewünschte Sprachkenntnisse gut

Gewünschtes Bildungsniveau Keine Präferenzen

Wöchentliche Arbeitsstunden 35 - 40

Monatliches Taschengeld 900 AUD

Beteiligung an Reisekosten yes

Gewünschtes Alter des Au Pairs 18-26

Akzeptiert Raucher Ja

Betreuung von Kindern/Personen mit Behinderungen Nein

Betreuung von Haustieren Nein

Soll schwimmen können Ja

Soll Fahrrad fahren können Ja

Au Pair kann Sprachkurs besuchen Ja

Erwartet Erste-Hilfe-Kurs Ja

Au Pair muss Auto fahren Ja

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Beschreibung der Familie

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Au Pair Unterbringung

We live in a quiet street close to the kids school and sporting ground but a 5 minute drive to the shopping complex. There is a bus service which can transport you to local amenities however you can have access to our vehicles.
Our house has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. We have an above ground pool, entertaining area in the yard. We have foxtel and wifi with access to Netflix and Stan.
Your room has a Queen size bed and a wardrobe. The bathroom is close to your room however you will need to share with the family. Alternatively we have a brand new caravan parked inside our yard which can also be an option should you choose to stay in there giving you privacy and freedom from the boys.:)
We try to eat meals together. We have no dietary requirements and like to try new things. Every now and then we will treat the family to take out and enjoy the food vans in town.
We would especially be keen to try and cook some meals from your home as well.
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