Familien ID: 1780892

Betreuer gebraucht für:
Gesellschaft und Gespräche, Spaziergänge und Ausflüge, Unterstützung bei eingeschränkter Mobilität, Besorgungen/Einkaufen, Putzen und Wäsche, Leichte Hausarbeiten, Kochen von Mahlzeiten, Waschen und Ankleiden

Ort: Neptune / Vorort | Mehr ⇩

Name Rose

Region/Land New Jersey

PLZ Nur für Premium-Mitglieder

Aufenthaltsbeginn: Nov. 2021 - Dez. 2021

Aufenthaltslänge: 4-6 monate

Letzter Login: Vor 14 Stunden

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Brief ans Au Pair

Hello, :)

UPDATE: 10/17/21: *I may reach out to you, even if your profile says nanny or childcare, to see if you are interested in helping with elder care, if you match our other criteria :)
- Seek help from approx. late November 2021 through March 2022, possibly longer.
- Quarantine/mask requirements 1st 10 days upon arrival.
- NOTE: With Pandemic and delay in getting visas, prefer if you are already living in the USA, or already have a Visa, and can travel to New Jersey USA for late Nov 2021.
NOTE: I am hearing it takes long to get Visas right now.
>>>> Please find out on your end what is the time line to get a tourist or work visa to enter the USA.
** PLEASE read the entire profile to see if we "match" in other areas. Thank you.

I am Rose, 54 female (youngest of 7). My husband Ernest is 61. My mom Marie is in her 90s with a sharp mind with Italian background. We live in Neptune, New Jersey, USA. This is 5 minutes from the beach or the Atlantic Ocean. There is also a board walk and many nice restaurants. 5 minutes to a few towns with lots of restaurants and entertainment and shopping (large outlets). 15 minutes to Red Bank (also a very nice town esp in the winter). 1 hour+ from New York City. 5 minutes to local hospital(where I work). Sometimes we travel to Jupiter Florida area since Ernest travels there for work (Nutritional Doctor).

I work at the local hospital as a Medical Technologist (I do the blood testing that your doctor requests:), however, I am looking to go back into Medical Sales Full-time. (I am also a wellness coach and entrepreneur, time permitting :) We are very into health and nutrition and eating good healthy food (not too much junk food except for ice cream and chocolate :) But come from an Italian background so my mom loves Italian food!:)

We love to stay physically fit and keep active. We love to go walking on the boardwalk near the beach or hikes. Healthy lifestyle. We do NOT smoke or do drugs and we do NOT want anyone here that does either.
(NO smokers inside or outside). I enjoy a glass of wine a few times a year or so. That's about it :) We are not looking for daily drinkers. We like a positive upbeat atmosphere. We know life happens but we try not to burden mom with any worries at this stage in her life... Just want her around a positive person. We love pets but do not have any at this time. We like to go to the Six Flags Great Adventure Safari to see the animals :)
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Job Beschreibung

Seeking someone who has a compassionate, empathetic, understanding personality.
Must be respectful, patient, trustworthy and kind to the elderly, my mom, and all people.

We prefer a younger explorer:) and elder caretaker from 18 -30 of age - we would love to provide a great experience here for YOU too! :) An Italian caretaker would help my mom warm up as it would remind her of her roots... (You don't have to be Italian...but just sharing that :)
A good quality solid person with the same values and integrity is most important.

- We are Christian (Catholic). It would help if you believe the same, as we will share the same values.
We go to church. Read the Bible at times but should more often:)
- You should be serious about your job at hand yet know when to be 'light' and have a playful kind sense of humor :) - We are trusting our 'mom' 'with you' so that is more important than 'Gold' and it's a mutual honor to earn that respect and trust.
- We like a hard worker, not lazy. Be proactive and take the initiative once you understand the needs here and are comfortable. (We all are hard workers, and came from hard working loving families), but we are very playful and have fun too!! ;)

- You should speak some English to get by/understand so no miscommunications. We also enjoy helping you to improve your English.
- Mom and Ernest understands Italian and some Spanish, but speaks English.
-(I come from Italian and French background(born in USA). I Took Spanish and French classes but
do not remember all but open to learning too).
- Please have knowledge of CPR, or First Aid. Or we are Willing to teach right person or direct toward classes if you do not yet. So you are aware and what to do, just in case....
- You will need to take Blood Pressure (will show if you do not know), and understand why it is important.
- Medication reminders.

- Walk near mom when she uses her walker, when knees are hurting her. (Know "fall prevention" techniques/skills - willing to teach you also :)

- She goes to the bathroom on her own, but when her knees hurt she does need assistance in bathroom, you should be able and willing to help in the bathroom .
- She only likes me bathing her, but I want someone who is comfortable doing this eventually, as I will need help sometimes if I am not available.
- We need someone who likes to cook and prepare meals, and in advance. This is important! :)
- Someone who likes to be organized and can help me organize too :)
- Someone who can do lighthouse keeping (vacuum, Dust, clean up in the kitchen, etc). Just maintain a clean area.
- Ok with doing laundry if requested. A flexible easy going person, who can help as needed.
- Take Mom for walks in wheel chair, if nice out, but not when too hot (that will cause her to get dehydrated and cause her blood pressure to go up, which we will teach if you do not know. Need someone very mindful and "thinking" of 'mom'.

- You Must have background check to provide from your country. I can provide a background check company name and # if you do not have one. Provide a photo ID license; and have 3 references (including any past families you were an AuPair with previously if applicable, previous employer). We will do video calls of course to get to know each other prior :)

Mom is very popular so family calls to check on her :) There are camera monitors in the townhome near mom so family can keep an eye on mom too when I am not here.

Again, looking for honest and trustworthy person. You should have healthy boundaries. (Had a caretaker take moms vitamins, dump 1/2 the bottle for "herself". Hence, she is no longer here. I should not have to even type this, but just so we are clear and establish healthy expectations and boundaries up front. Respectful and asking is expected and very appreciated. Thank you :)

Mom prefers a female. It will take her a little time to get used to anyone so please be caring and have understanding and patience. :)

We love to provide a fun experience for you also! Willing to show you around at the New Jersey shore/beach..
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Info über die Familie

Betreuung von Kindern/Personen mit Behinderungen - Ja

Die Familie hat Haustiere Nein

Die Familie lebt in Vorort

Altersgruppe des Seniors 45-60

Lebt der Senior alleine? Nein, ein Paar oder mehrere Leute im Haushalt

Nationalität italienisch

Sprache, die Zuhause gesprochen wird Englisch

Religion Christlich

Bedeutung der Religion Wichtig

Gegenwärtige Beschäftigung Arzthelfer/in / Geschäftsinhaber/in

Personen im Haushalt 3

Alter und Geschlecht des Seniors 90s Italian Mom, born in USA. In good shape. Sharp.Needs help with cooking/prep all meals, hydration, vitamin reminders,bathroom assistance sometimes. Uses walker. Walk near her when she is walking sometimes. Know basic CPR or First Aid and Fall Pre

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Job Anforderungen

Soll Fahrrad fahren können - JaErwartet Erste-Hilfe-Kurs  - Ja

Wöchentliche Arbeitsstunden 25 - 30

Monatliches Taschengeld/Gehalt - USD

Bevorzugtes Geschlecht weiblich

Aufenthaltslänge 4-6 monate

Frühestes Startdatum Nov. 2021

Spätestes Startdatum Dez. 2021

Sie suchen ein(e) Seniorenbetreuung und Wohnen für Hilfe für Senioren

Alter der zu betreuenden Kinder/Personen

Kinder/Personen, die betreut werden sollen -

Gewünschte Erfahrungen in der Betreuung Keine Präferenzen

Wir brauchen einen Tutor für

Wie alt sind die Menschen, die der Tutor unterrichten soll?

Wir brauchen Unterstützung bei Gesellschaft und Gespräche, Spaziergänge und Ausflüge, Unterstützung bei eingeschränkter Mobilität, Besorgungen/Einkaufen, Putzen und Wäsche, Leichte Hausarbeiten, Kochen von Mahlzeiten, Waschen und Ankleiden

Bevorzugte Nationalität des Kandidaten Amerikanisch - USA, Kanadisch, Kolumbianisch, Englisch, Philippinisch, Griechisch, Italienisch, Peruanisch, Puerto Ricanisch, Roman, Rumänisch, Spanisch

Gewünschte Sprachkenntnisse gut

Gewünschtes Bildungsniveau Universität

Beteiligung an Reisekosten -Open to discuss

Gewünschtes Alter des Kandidaten 18-32

Akzeptiert Raucher Nein

Betreuung von Kindern/Personen mit Behinderungen Ja

Betreuung von Haustieren Nein

Soll schwimmen können Nein

Soll Fahrrad fahren können Ja

Kandidat kann Sprachkurs besuchen Nein

Erwartet Erste-Hilfe-Kurs Ja

Führerschein erfordert Nein

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Beschreibung der Familie

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Au Pair Unterbringung

I will provide a fully furnished bedroom, and bathroom. (the bathroom on a limited basis, will be shared sometimes (more on the weekend when mom occupies the other bathroom).

There is also a kitchenette near the bedroom upstairs (small fridge and microwave oven and seating area). There is also use of kitchen, with new stainless steel appliances (stove- not shown in pics here), new front loading washer and dryer, internet and tv antenna. (For your knowledge: A professional male good friend and good person in late 50's who lives in Pennsylvania (3 hours a way) stays here in the other private bedroom sometimes since he works down the street at the Outlets as a Manager), so then he drives home once per week to save on time and gas. He is very busy working, married with adult children, says his friendly hellos and keeps to himself, and does not want any drama here, as we do not either. So you will hardly see him, and it will seem like he is not even here but just wanted you to know).

I do have a bike you can use and depending on your license situation, possibly sometimes the use of a van when it's available.

Please ask if you have any questions and we look forward to learning about you and why you want to take care of the elderly and explore with a different family :)

Please give me time to get back to you. Sometimes work and life gets super busy but I am looking for the right match as soon as possible.

Thank You : )
Rose and Family
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