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Emilyn aus Las Piñas Philippinen sucht keinen Job mehr als Au Pair - 2118486

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Au Pair zurzeit in NCR Philippinen

Bernadine, 24, Unternehmer, aus Malabon City, Philippinen, sucht nach Au Pair & Online Nachhilfe in Deutschland, Luxemburg, Niederlande, Norwegen, Spanien

philippinisch Au Pair
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I am Nadine, 24 years old from the Philippines. I am looking for a host family around Europe. I am qualified to be an Au Pair because I have the following experiences relevant in this position: - teaching in a public school in Thailand (primary and secondary level) - lived in Thailand for 6 weeks as a volunteer; can easily adapt to change - volunteer experience in...

Lyza, 62, Granny Au Pair, aus Malabon, Philippinen, sucht nach Granny Au Pair in Australien, Schweiz, USA, Großbritannien, Guam

philippinisch Au Pair
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Wir stellen Ihnen Lyza vor. weiblich wohnt in Philippinen und hat Interesse daran, als Granny Au Pair zu arbeiten. Lyza hat Erfahrung als Hochschule und ist zurzeit tätig als Granny Au Pair.

Melchor, 26, Data Analyst, aus Caloocan City, Philippinen, sucht nach Au Pair in Frankreich, Deutschland, Niederlande, Norwegen, Schweden

philippinisch Au Pair
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I am Filipino, and we all know that Filipinos are know to have strongest patience when it comes to any arena they are in. I love children, children has a special place in my heart. I can speak and understand English, I know how to cook and have an experience with tutoring. I'm a warm hearted person, and I think I have a big heart to have this responsibility as an Au pair.

Marivic, 55, Kindermädchen, aus Caloocan, Philippinen, sucht nach Seniorenbetreuung & Granny Au Pair in Österreich, Finnland, Deutschland, Niederlande, Spanien

philippinisch Au Pair
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Kamusta! I'm Marivic 55 years old from the Philipines. I am Hardworking, Trusthworthy, Compassionate and Loving person. I just found out about Granny Au pair and it makes me so happy that they have this program. Even at this age, I still dream of going to another country and Learn their culture. I have 30 years experience taking care of children and doing household duties. I...

Ruth, 23, Callcenter Mitarbeiter, aus marikina, Philippinen, sucht nach Nanny & Nachhilfe in Belgien, Dänemark, Irland, Neuseeland, Großbritannien

philippinisch Au Pair
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To whom it may concern, Good day, I’m Ruth and I’m 23 yrs old. I’m currently living in the philippines. I would like to be nanny or live-in tutor for kid not just to help your family but also to be part of your child’s growth. Having someone that you can entrust with your childs safety is every parents dream. I know you guys are really working hard to give your...

Kisha Mae, 23, Callcenter Mitarbeiter, aus Marikina City, Philippinen, sucht nach Au Pair & Nanny in Australien, Kanada, Niederlande, USA, Katar

philippinisch Au Pair
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Ist Kisha Mae, 23, Ihr perfektes Au Pair? weiblich lebt in Philippinen und hat Interesse daran, als Au Pair & Nanny zu arbeiten. weiblich hat eine Ausbildung als Gymnasium abgeschlossen und hat Erfahrungen als Callcenter Mitarbeiter. Das Au Pair hat viel Erfahrung im Autofahren.

NERISA, 28, Sekretär, aus MANILA, Philippinen, sucht nach Au Pair & Nanny in Dänemark, Frankreich, Deutschland, Italien, Spanien

philippinisch Au Pair
Filipino Mai 2022 - Dez. 2024 (-- Bitte auswählen --) Sehr aktiv
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I have a flexible personality that can adapt to different situation and also love children.

Kimberly, 25, Lehrer, aus Pasig, Philippinen, sucht nach Au Pair & Nachhilfe in Belgien, Frankreich, Luxemburg, Schweiz

philippinisch Au Pair
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Bonjour! I am Kimberly and I am 25 years old. I currently live in the Philippines. I have a degree in Marketing however, I’ve always known that my passion is not climbing the corporate ladder but education. With this in mind, I started teaching business English to French/European students. Through this experience, I got introduced to the beautiful language - French. I...

Vevien, 24, Buchhalter, aus Valenzuela, Philippinen, sucht nach Au Pair, Nachhilfe, Online Nachhilfe & Virtuelle Kinderbetreuung in Dänemark, Deutschland, Irland, Neuseeland, Schweiz

philippinisch Au Pair
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Hi I am Vevien, 24 yeara of age. I graduated and have an bachelor in information technology. I want to become an aupair because I want to discover other cultures and explore and of course earn for my own. I can be a good tutor to your children, and I am very good at keeping a place neat and clean. I am good at instructionas

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I am a graduate of Psychology currently working as data analyst. Actually last year I was really thinking to become an au pair since my aunt told me that I should try to help as an au pair in a household. Since I am a graduate of psychology I am very understanding towards the emotions of people around me. I actually leave alone far way from my parents since last 2019 and I can...

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