Mitgliedsnummer 1557114

Tutor für Mathematik, Physik, Chemie, Englisch, Spanisch

Nationalität mexikanisch | Mehr ⇩

Vor- und Zuname Valentina

Ort/Region/Land Mexico City/ Ciudad De México

Land Mexiko

Start Jun. 2020 - Okt. 2020

Aufenthaltslänge 7-9 Mon.

Gute Sprachkenntnisse in Englisch (C2), Französisch (B2), Spanisch (Native)

Letzter Login 06 Jun. 2020

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Brief an die Gastfamilie

Hello! My name is Valentina, I am Mexican and I just graduated from high school in Hong Kong at a United World College (Li Po Chun). I would like to become an Au Pair because I LOVE children. I think they bring light to our days and I see in them a great potential to learn and grow incredibly fast. I really admire how curious and creative most kids are, which inspires me to keep questioning the world and my ideas. I would like to become a tutor because I have always been passionate about teaching. When I was in primary school I would organize study groups in which I would help my friends with subjects they were struggling with. I am very passionate about science (Especially Chemistry, Physics and Maths) and foreign languages. I am a very curious person and I have always found a deep joy in learning new things. I really like it when I can make other people feel as passionate about acquiring new knowledge and experience. I would like to become a science teacher when I grow up. I believe that being an Au Pair tutor would be a great experience for me since I would be learning a lot about myself and about others while doing something I love. My curiosity also makes me really excited about living abroad, although I have spent the past 2 years in Hong Kong I still have a lot to learn about it and the rest of the world.

I am a very curious person. I am always looking for ways to go out of my comfort zone, like meeting new people, visiting new places, learning new things, etc. I am very fond of foreign languages and cultures. I believe that visiting a foreign country is much more worth it when the immersion is deep, including learning the native language and learning about every-day life.

I play the piano since I was 7 years old. I practice yoga and meditation whenever possible. I like sports and I am constantly trying out new ones. I enjoy going on walks, hikes, biking and other outdoor activities.

I really like pets, I have 4 dogs at home. I like playing with them, walking them at the park and taking care of them.

I am very passionate about sciences and after Au Pair, I will attend university in NYU Abu Dhabi, for which I have already received an offer. I am planning on studying either Physics or Chemistry as my major. Later on, I would like to become a teacher for university students in these fields while doing some research.
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I have taken care of a little child (5-year-old) that my family was hosting for 2 years. During this time I decided to help her with her homework and to teach her English, some French and Maths. I had an amazing time with her. I learned a lot about how children learn. It was really fulfilling for me to see her progress on these subjects, even though some of them were not taught in her school. It made me really happy how eventually she started asking me to teach her even more things because she was enjoying it so much. Apart from helping her academically, I would also spend a lot of time with her playing the piano, watching movies, playing outside, drawing, etc. I had a really great time with her and I developed great care and love for her.

I have worked as an ice-skating instructor for kids several years during summer holidays. I have given individual classes as well as coordinated summer courses in groups.

I have been an animator for a summer course called "Youth Peace Makers" held at my high school in United World College (UWC) in Hong Kong. This summer program was targetted to teenagers who wanted to learn more about peace and sustainability while acquiring leadership skills.
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Sport  Yoga, basketball, football, volleyball, swimming, ice-skating, tennis

Religion keine Religion

Für das Au Pair ist Religion Unwichtig

Spezielle Ernährungsweise Keine

Sonstige Krankheiten oder Allergien: No

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Würde für zusätzliche Bezahlung mehr arbeiten - JaWürde Kinder mit Behinderung betreuen - JaWürde bei einer Familie mit Haustieren leben - JaWürde Haustiere betreuen - Ja

Bevorzugte Gegend Großstadt, Vorort, Stadt, Dorf, Ländlich

Aufenthaltslänge 7-9 Mon.

Frühester Beginn Jun. 2020

Spätester Beginn Okt. 2020

Würde bei einer Familie mit Haustieren leben

Würde für zusätzliche Bezahlung mehr arbeiten

Würde Haustiere betreuen

Gewünschtes Alter der zu betreuenden Kinder 6-10 Jahre, 11-14 Jahre, 15 Jahre+

Erfahrung in der Kinderbetreuung in den letzten 24 Monaten (in Std.) 100-200

Anzahl der Kinder, die das Au Pair maximal betreuen würde 3

Ist bereit, mit einem allein erziehenden Elternteil zu leben Ja, mit der Mutter

Würde Kinder mit Behinderung betreuen

Würde Erwachsene mit Behinderung betreuen

Bevorzugte Fächer Mathematik, Physik, Chemie, Englisch, Spanisch

Bevorzugte Altersgruppe der SchülerInnen Grundschulkinder (6-12), Teenager (13-17), Junge Erwachsene (18-30)

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