Mitgliedsnummer 3144380

Nationalität amerikanisch | Mehr ⇩

Vor- und Zuname Laila

Ort/Region/Land Columbia/ Missouri

Land USA

Start Jun. 2024 - Feb. 2025

Aufenthaltslänge 1-12 Monate

Gute Sprachkenntnisse in Englisch (Muttersprache)

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Brief an die Gastfamilie

Hello, my name is Laila. I am a 26 year old Female, My roots of origin is Costa Rican, but have been living in the United States my whole life, and am a U.S citizen. I am a warm homebody; I speak only English. I love to watch movies, and do activities such as playing sports, making art and sometimes try to write songs or poetry. I have worked with children 2-5 year old. My mother owned a preschool for 16 years and I would help out during the summer and for holiday parties. I also worked at a kid’s indoor playground where I would take care of birthday parties and make sure kids and parents were safe and having fun. I am currently babysitting my co-workers child who is less than a year old, but I have more experience with 2-5 year olds. For now I work at a doggy daycare, which is also an overnight and grooming company, so if you have any pets I would gladly be up to helping out with them.
I learned about Au pair from my mother who use to own a daycare, being able to work well with kids she believes this would be an amazing opportunity for me. I love children and being able to meet new people and to travel. Two of my biggest strengths would be interacting with children and caretaking pets. I wanted to become an Au pair to meet new families and travel as well, I am still young and want to be able to travel and meet all your beautiful amazing kiddos, whether they’re pets or not.
I am a good candidate for your family because I get along very well with children, I don’t mind getting dirty while playing with them in the backyard or in the kitchen trying to make cookies. I am willing to travel to the family. I will always be willing to help out around the house if needed, run errands for you if I get directions to certain places. I will keep everything as clean as possible and if things do get a little messy all I need is the right music and will clean up. I prefer meeting up on Zoom first so I can meet the family before I come to the house/apartment, just in case either of us have any questions. Id be perfectly fine with helping your children with school projects, chores, and homework if that is required.
I believe I qualify for this position because I am willing to travel and because I am still young, I will have more time on my hands. I don’t have any kids myself, just a small little dog that my mom would take care of while I am with you. I have had experience with children in a school and play setting before. I like finding cool and fun projects for the children to do that with bring out their creative side. I am a family person and do well with working with others. Me and your kid(s) will become best friends by the end and I’d be willing to come back and help again if you believe it was a great fit. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. I look forwards to meeting you all and making fun, amazing a safe memories with you.
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I have yet to do any Au pair jobs. Due to this being the first time, I would love to travel and to help out with anything that is needed to make things easier for your family. I wanted to start doing Au pair because I love kids and meeting new people and I love traveling, I want to see the world one day and making amazing friendships with people and loving memories.
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Persönliche Daten

Nicht-RaucherHat einen Erste-Hilfe-Kurs absolviert - JaKann gut schwimmen - JaKann Fahrrad fahren - JaHat einen Führerschein - Ja, mit Erfahrung

Kann gut schwimmen

Kann Fahrrad fahren

Hat einen Führerschein Ja, mit Erfahrung

Hat Geschwister

Hat einen gültigen Reisepass


Hat einen Erste-Hilfe-Kurs absolviert

Aktuelle Beschäftigung Animal care taker

Bildung Gymnasium


Englisch: Muttersprache
Spanisch: (A2) Grundlegende Kenntnisse, Seit 2 Jahre

Sport  soccer, dance, volleyball,

Religion keine Religion

Für das Au Pair ist Religion Unwichtig

Spezielle Ernährungsweise Keine

Sonstige Krankheiten oder Allergien: Allergic to bug spray

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Würde für zusätzliche Bezahlung mehr arbeiten - JaWürde bei einer Familie mit Haustieren leben - JaWürde Haustiere betreuen - Ja

Gewünschtes Zielland Frankreich, Italien, Spanien, USA & Großbritannien

Bevorzugte Gegend Großstadt, Vorort, Stadt, Dorf, Ländlich

Aufenthaltslänge 1-12 Monate

Frühester Beginn Jun. 2024

Spätester Beginn Feb. 2025

Würde bei einer Familie mit Haustieren leben

Würde für zusätzliche Bezahlung mehr arbeiten

Würde Haustiere betreuen

Gewünschtes Alter der zu betreuenden Kinder 1-5 Jahre, 6-10 Jahre

Erfahrung in der Kinderbetreuung in den letzten 24 Monaten (in Std.) 10-50

Anzahl der Kinder, die das Au Pair maximal betreuen würde 2

Ist bereit, mit einem allein erziehenden Elternteil zu leben Ja, mit der Mutter

Würde Kinder mit Behinderung betreuen

Würde Erwachsene mit Behinderung betreuen

Bevorzugte Altersgruppe der SchülerInnen

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