Mitgliedsnummer 2013423

Nationalität ukrainisch | Mehr ⇩

Vor- und Zuname Kateryna

Ort/Region/Land Frankfurt am Main/ Hessen

Land Deutschland

Start Dez. 2022 - Jun. 2023

Aufenthaltslänge 6-24 monate

Gute Sprachkenntnisse in Englisch (C1), Deutsch (B1), Ukrainisch (Muttersprache), Russisch (Muttersprache)

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Brief an die Gastfamilie

Hello Dear Family,

I am happy to be in Frankfurt and work as a full time pedagogue in the kindergarten. Since I live in Aschaffenburg, in order not to travel so far every day I am in search for a family in Frankfurt for the next 8 months who would gladly have a help in the mornings and evenings! I definitely can cook, for me it is a lot of fun to do with children, bringing children to school/kindergarten in the morning and picking them up in the evening. Sometimes I would gladly stay with them during weekend and we could explore parks and natural surroundings together, or go to the city or just spend activities at home:)

If I will not find anything for the next months, I consider moving to Cologne or Düsseldorf earlier, as in January-March and then will be glad to be a full-time Au-Pair.

P.S.: I also attend German courses, I work in this kindergarten for almost half a year, so I already speak very good German with children!(But just a little bit with someone older then 6:)). I have a residency permit as well. Will be glad to hear from you.

A.m. I like to work hard and to explore myself and feel the inner grow, to be in new places, to get acquainted with new people and different cultures.
I’m highly motivated person, I hold diploma of a Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. Main goals considered by me lately are self-realizatdion in areas that reflect my inner interests, which are drawing and playing music, staying peaceful and satisfied every single day!
For that I decided to study art in Germany, so I’m willing to learn a new language quite accurate.

I just started attending German courses, so the level of this language is the very beginning. But I speak English fluently and I can teach it:)

I am cheerful, but whatever happens I always can think and calmly make a decision. I live an active and healthy lifestyle, I do yoga everyday and I’m vegetarian. But I like cooking healthy and non-vegetarian food as well and I enjoy the process of making things together:)

I am sure that you expect me to be involved in the overall growing and daily process. In turn, I’m very communicative, friendly, easy-going and respectful person, so I’m more then ready to responsibly do the tasks assigned to me, share with you my sincerity and applying my knowledge to make a favorable atmosphere at your place!

Kind Regards,
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I like being around kids, care of them. I also like to travel a lot,.
My first experience of working with children was as a babysitter. I was a nanny in a wonderful family with children aged 9 months, 3 and 7 years. It has been a truly pleasure to be a part of all the organizational processes of the family for 3 years. At the same time I conducted and (I still do) math and English lessons, the age of my students varies from 3 to 17 years old until now. Then I worked as a preschool educator in the kindergarten in Irpen, and since the war started I moved to Frankfurt and working in the amazing kindergarten roght now. I’m more than ready to work with kids of any age and spend working hours in the field that for you is more convenient:)
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Persönliche Daten

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Ukrainisch: Muttersprache
Englisch: (C1) Fachkundige Sprachverwendung, Seit 15 Jahre
Französisch: (A1) Anfänger, Seit 3 Monate
Deutsch: (B1) Fortgeschrittene Sprachverwendung, Seit 3 Monate
Russisch: Muttersprache

Sport  Yoga

Auskunft über COVID-19

Warst du mit Covid-19 infiziert?  Nein

Bist du vollständig gegen Covid-19 geimpft?  Ja

Name des Impfstoffs  Pfizer/BionTech

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Würde für zusätzliche Bezahlung mehr arbeiten - JaWürde Kinder mit Behinderung betreuen - JaWürde bei einer Familie mit Haustieren leben - JaWürde Haustiere betreuen - Ja

Gewünschtes Zielland Amerikan-Samoa, Belgien, Frankreich, Deutschland & Indonesien

Bevorzugte Gegend Großstadt, Vorort, Stadt, Dorf, Ländlich

Aufenthaltslänge 6-24 monate

Frühester Beginn Dez. 2022

Spätester Beginn Jun. 2023

Würde bei einer Familie mit Haustieren leben

Würde für zusätzliche Bezahlung mehr arbeiten

Würde Haustiere betreuen

Gewünschtes Alter der zu betreuenden Kinder 0-1, 1-5 Jahre, 6-10 Jahre, 11-14 Jahre, 15 Jahre+

Erfahrung in der Kinderbetreuung in den letzten 24 Monaten (in Std.) 800 +

Anzahl der Kinder, die das Au Pair maximal betreuen würde 4

Ist bereit, mit einem allein erziehenden Elternteil zu leben Ja, mit Mutter o. Vater

Würde Kinder mit Behinderung betreuen

Würde Erwachsene mit Behinderung betreuen

Bevorzugte Altersgruppe der SchülerInnen

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Über mich:

I live an active and healthy lifestyle, I do yoga and I like to be outside active and busy. I also like to travel, I lived in the Ukrainian mountains before, a few times abroad and was happily spending my time in 3-6 months trips. A lot of time I spend by drawing, crafting jewelry and clay crafts, singing or playing instruments as they are by. I had an 8 years of piano and music school and learned guitar and ukulele myself in a time. Thought I’m not proficient in any so far, but still getting a high pleasure to get attached with music. I really like to sing. To make an artistic cozy evenings together will be a pleasure for me! I am interested in making everything good not only for me, but for the people who give me their cooperation! I graduated polytechnic university, and I worked with different fields and with different people. As with brand strategy and marketing for IT startups so others where I was glad to try. But all my feelings brought me to art throughout all this way so I wish in the nearest future to keep growing as an artist, and keep doing yoga with an idea to teach it some day. After AuPair I would like to apply for an art academy, I will make a specific choice in the nearest future. Also would love to hear new experiences and opinions.