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Why be an Au Pair?

Are you seeking a life changing experience that will forever change you? A journey that will immerse you in the culture of a country that is rich in over 5,000 years of history? If you love children we can provide such an experience for you!

As an Au Pair you will have the opportunity of experiencing the Chinese culture as a Chinese person through living with a Chinese family. There is no better way to understand a culture then actively live it with natives!

What will you gain?

- Super Power Chop Stick Skills

- A network of people to help and guide you:

- Confidence in yourself through experiencing a life abroad

- Knowledge of Chinese!

- A daily life in an Oriental world full of surprises for a Westerner! ……

- Close friends with people from all over the world!

Learning Chinese, taste culture and travel in China

How does China differ from home? Come find out! Enjoy some of the best shopping in the world and celebrate the national holidays such as Spring Festival and Mid-autumn Festival! Use your vacation time to see some of the fantastic cities and dramatic scenery that China has to offer.

Making a difference in Children’s lives

The number one requirement of an Au Pair is have a love for children. Au Pairs will tell you that the best part of the program is the relationships they build with their host children. You may be the one who gets a hug first thing in the morning, sees a child reaching a major milestone such as taking their first steps or be the one who gets the biggest laugh of the day. These moments are special and help make your year both memorable and rewarding. The bridge of communication you build with your child is also very rewarding. As time goes by you will see how he/she progresses in her English. You will also have a little helper to help you with your Chinese.

Compensation and vacation

Free accommodation is afforded by the host family. Your host family will pay you pocket money per month. During your year you are entitled to 12 days of vacation with pay.

Use your vacation time to see some of the fantastic cities and dramatic scenery that China has to offer.

Take a sneak peek!

The best way to understand what an Au Pair is would of course be to ask! If you would like to speak to one of our Au Pairs directly just ask us and we will put you in contact with one. You might even end up becoming great friends in the future if you choose to join us!

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