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As a company focusing on culture & language exchange programs “Homestay China” was founded in 2003. With a lot support from the “Robert Bosch Foundation” the company was able to develop a cultural exchange project between “Yunnan Provincial People's RadioStation” and the German radio station “Radio Jojo”. Through this project “Homestay China” broadcasted Chinese radio programs to Germany and vice versa. Creating a connection between Chinese and German children was the first step to become a company devoted to create international exchange programs.

Through cooperation with 5 German au pair agencies “Homestay China” was able to send more than 50 Chinese au pairs to Germany in 2006. In 2007 the company started to cooperate with further 5 agencies from Germany and 3 agencies from the U.S.. During this year “Homestay China” made it possible to send 30 au pairs to America and 80 au pairs to Germany. Further cooperation with companies from France and the Netherlands were established in 2008.

After those successful projects “Homestay China” decided to change directions and promote au pair programs for foreigners coming to China. In 2009 a German au pair was send to live with a family in Kunming, Yunnan. This turned out to be the key event which made“Homestay China” what it is today, a successful company which is devoted to promote cross-cultural awareness through “Homestay Language & Culture Exchange Programs”.

In 2010 “Homestay China” started to promote their program to Chinese families in Kunming. With the help of the “Yunnan Provincial Department of Education” the company successfully registered more than 50 Chinese families in Kunming who were excited to be part of an international culture & language exchange program.

We are proud to mention that since the beginning of 2010 “Homestay China” was able to place more than 10 au pairs from several countries all over the world in homes here in Kunming. They are living together with their Chinese host families; they share languages and cultures, join events or go travelling all over Asia.

“Homestay China” creates a model which is devoted to promote cross-cultural awareness through      “Homestay Language & Culture Exchange Programs”. For many years, we have been connecting  young people from all over the world with life-changing international cultural exchange opportunities. On the other hand, we provide a unique answer for families in need of culture exchange through au pair programs.

In a world of instantaneous connection to other people, humans sometimes forget the importance of daily face-to-face interaction.“Homestay China” believes that by allowing people to live and work side-by-side with people in another country, we can increase global understanding and intercultural awareness. .

Everyone who participates in our program; whether a student, a young person, or a family - they all come out with a greater connection to the global community, and a better understanding of the world's rich cultural diversity. We are committed to build cultural understanding — one person at a time.

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