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Welcome to ARTISTOUR (Shenzhen Wise Education and Cultural Exchange Ltd.)
Artistour, is a company located in Shenzhen, a city considered the world's largest megapolis and known as "the Silicon Valley of Asia".

Our agency provides the opportunity to experience a cultural exchange throughout different programs, such as "AuPair" that allows you to experience the culture from the closest perspective, sharing with a host family, studying the language and learning in a immersion into one of the most fascinating cultures in the world.

Our program, has a different perspective in comparison with others, because focuses on the main idea of hosting you as international student in a selected family to offer you the chance of improving your professional goals, reason why we enroll you in the language course in a local University due to the importance of chinese language nowadays. We also try our to support you during the process to make averything work well and as you know, we also hope you to be commited with you role as "elder brother/sister" sharing time with the family's children whilw you teach them about the western culture, your traditions, language, and all what a cultural exchange includes.
We hope to give you a good choice to enjoy the most of a experience that surely will change your life!
Feel free to contact us and we will replay as soon as we can.


ARTISTOUR Program Coordinator


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