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Becoming an Au Pair in the countryside

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Why becoming an Au Pair in the countryside is a good idea
Moving to a small town is not always a very popular option for Au Pairs. Many people associate the countryside with being totally isolated and they think of the city as the best way to get to experience the host country, meet friends and have fun. For this reason, many great families based in smaller towns have a hard time finding Au Pairs.

As it is true that cities are well-connected and offer many opportunities to enjoy your time abroad, this doesn’t mean that they will certainly guarantee you the best experience in your target country. Most of the time, small villages are the ideal place to live a wonderful Au Pair experience that you will never forget.
Keep reading to discover why Au Pairing in the countryside can be the perfect choice for you!

1. Living in the countryside doesn’t always mean being isolated

Most rural areas have at least a bus stop that can connect you to the closest town or city. Therefore, if you’re worried about not having access to a bigger town, make sure to know where the nearest bus stop or train station is. Alternatively, many Host Parents that live in small villages are willing to provide you with a car, mostly to take your Host Children around, but you can discuss with them the possibility to use it also in your free time.

2. Best way to get to know the culture

Living with a Host Family in the countryside will definitely ensure you the best way of experiencing the customs and traditions of your Host Country. Big cities are generally a big melting pot of people coming from many different nations, so the true culture of the Host Country gets a bit lost. Small villages are more likely to show the typical cultural features of the land. Plus, countryside people are generally more hospitable and friendly!

3. Your language skills will improve massively

Because of the big variety of people living in the city, many different languages other than the target one can be found there. This could turn into a disadvantage if you end up finding friends from your same country of origin: it would definitely affect your language skills, as you would not be able to practice your target language as much as you would in the countryside, where it is much more difficult to find people of other nationalities. In small villages, you will typically be forced to speak the language of your Host Country, which results mainly in a better improvement.

4. Everything is cheaper outside of the city

This doesn’t need much explanation, does it? With the money you could save by living in a small town, you could afford more travelling, a great way to discover and explore as many places as possible in your Host Country!

5. More activities that cannot be found in the city

Riding, hiking, swimming, skiing. These are just some of the activities that the countryside can offer you and that cannot be found in the city! Every area has its own particular features, so you will definitely be able to try sports and activities you’d never thought of doing before. And as said before, they will definitely be cheaper than the activities in the city!
So if you’re more of an outdoorsy person, a smaller town in the countryside would be a perfect fit for you!

6. Cities are always there if you want to visit

Living in a small town means that you’re not experiencing the hustle and bustle of the big cities, especially as the urban environment can be quite overwhelming if this is your first time abroad and you’re not used to it. But you can always find opportunities to travel to the closest city, go shopping and enjoy the nightlife by using public transport.

7. The Host Family is the most important thing

Remember that what will make your experience unforgettable is the Host Family, so make sure you choose the right one for you, regardless of where they live. The countryside, where there are less distractions, will be the perfect setting to get to know the Host Parents and Host Children better and live a true Au Pair experience! 
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