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Dealing with the Host Family’s pets

by Sammy-JoReading time: 2 min.
Dealing with the Host Family’s pets
Oh, puppies, aren’t they adorable? Who could ever resist those wiggling tails, fluffy faces and wet kisses? Well, if you have never had a pet before you might not want dogs to lick your face. But, that being said, if your Host Family has pets, you might have to get used to that. Let’s find out together how to deal with your Host Family’s pets.

Is the Au Pair responsible for the pets?

Technically, no. You, as the Au Pair, are not responsible for taking care of your Host Family’s pets. Your main task will always be taking care of your Host Kids. This includes assisting them in performing their duties, such as making their beds or cleaning up their toys. So, if feeding the cat or walking the dog is part of the kids’ duties, you are responsible for the pets, too. Sort of.

What if you never had a pet before?

If you want to start working for a Host Family with pets, but you’ve never had pets yourself before, think long and hard if the Host Family is really your perfect match. Ask yourself: Do you even like animals? If you have friends with pets, maybe spend some extra time with them before you make your decision. Maybe you like the idea of pets, but don’t want to be responsible for them.

You don’t have experience with pets, but still want to become part of this particular family? Well, alright! Just keep a few simple things in mind when working with animals:

Respect them

Sometimes you just can’t handle a pet’s cuteness. I get it - you just want to snuggle and pet your animals all day long. But pets are living and breathing creatures. They have feelings just like us humans. Treat them accordingly. If they don’t want cuddles at the moment, don’t force them on them. Leave them alone, instead. Don’t worry - if they want to be pet, they will come to you.rn

Observe them

Yes, the life of an Au Pair can be stressful. Screaming kids, a beeping dishwasher and the mailman trying to deliver a package usually take up most of your attention. But where did that piece of salmon, that you were defrosting on the kitchen counter, go? Pets are sneaky little creatures: They know exactly when you’re not looking and use it to their advantage. So always be one step ahead and keep things where they can’t reach them.

Be careful with the kids

Your Host Kids want to pet their favorite furry friends just as much as you do. But depending on how young they are you have to be extra careful. We wouldn’t want the kids to get hurt, would we? A sleeping cat might look adorable, but if your Host Kids try to touch it, they are likely to get scratched. Just watch how the children interact with their pets and step in if necessary.

There’s obviously a lot more to pets than just fluffy fur. So treat them the way they deserve and you might soon become their favorite human.

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