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Easter during Corona
For Au Pairs | by Felicia on 7th Apr, 2020
In the worldwide chaos caused by the Coronavirus, celebrating the Easter holidays is going to be very different from the usual. Find out the Easter traditions all over the world and how to make the most out of your quarantine Easter.
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Visa Report 2020
For Families | by Julia on 31st Mar, 2020
Applying for a visa can be very difficult. Learn more about the visa situation in different countries, how to prepare for the interview and what to do when the embassy has rejected your application.  Read More »
Host Kids during the quarantine
For Au Pairs | by Maryann & Felicia on 24th Mar, 2020
Are you running out of ideas to entertain the kids during the quarantine? Are you wondering about the best way to deal with this serious topic with them? Here are some activities that you can do with them during these hard times and some useful tips about keeping the situation under control.
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My journey to become an Au Pair in the USA
For Au Pairs | by Maryann on 17th Mar, 2020
When we want to become an Au Pair, we are always a bit lost and it is interesting to read testimonials. This is why I am sharing with you my journey to become an Au Pair in the USA. Read More »
Become a midwife after the Au Pair stay
For Au Pairs | by Felicia on 12nd Mar, 2020
You love kids, you are fascinated by motherhood and you want to pursue a career in healthcare. Become a midwife! Find out the requirements and what you need in order to become a midwife!
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How to become a social media manager
For Au Pairs | by Alena on 5th Mar, 2020
Can’t imagine your life without social media? Spend hours per day checking Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook? Your hobby can become a profession if you consider starting a career in SMM. Read More »
8th March - International Women’s day
For Au Pairs | by Felicia on 3rd Mar, 2020
Celebrate your first International Women's day as an Au Pair!  Find out more about the history of the 8th march, its celebrations all around the world, what feminism means nowadays and how we can all contribute to make the world an equal place.
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How to become a psychologist
For Au Pairs | by Julia on 27th Feb, 2020
More and more people around the world want to become psychologists. The job does not only offer a good salary but also the feeling of doing something good. Find out how you can become a psychologist after the Au Pair stay! Read More »
Tips for Au Pair in France
For Au Pairs | by Maryann on 25th Feb, 2020
You found your Host Family and now you’re ready to move to France to become an Au Pair? Here are some tips to help you to adapt to the French culture and have an amazing time in France. Read More »
How to become a photographer
For Au Pairs | by Alena on 20th Feb, 2020
You have thousands of pictures of your host kids on your phone, and many people told you that your shots are great? Then give it a shot and use your talent to become a photographer after your Au Pair stay.  Read More »
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