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Mental health awareness month
For Au Pairs | by Julia on 5th Sep, 2019
Start of the series: Experts estimate that around 450 million people worldwide experience some sort of mental health issues. However, this fact is still considered to be a taboo subject. This is why we want to introduce our mental health awareness month sharing information about the topic.  Read More »
Alcohol abuse as an Au Pair
For Au Pairs | by Elena on 26th Sep, 2019
Here we are on our third week of our mental health awareness month. We hope you have enjoyed reading and learning more about some of the most common issues when it comes to mental health, particularly during the Au Pair program. Let’s start a conversation to fight against the stigma of mental health.
Read More »
How to spend your gap year
For Au Pairs | by Sammy-Jo on 25th Jun, 2019
You know you want to spend some time abroad, but are unsure about how to do it? There are many different ways to spend your gap year. To help you decide, in this article, we have compared the different ways to go abroad. Read More »
Are you addicted to your smartphone?
For Au Pairs | by Sammy-Jo on 17th Sep, 2019
Smartphone addiction is a lot more common than you might think. Want to find out if you are addicted to your smartphone? Read this blog post and get some helpful tips if you are. Read More »
Dealing with the Host Family’s pets
For Au Pairs | by Sammy-Jo on 1st Oct, 2019
You found the perfect Host Family, but it turns out they have pets. Are you, as the Au Pair, responsible for taking care of them and if so, how? If you want to find out more, all you have to do is read this blog post. Read More »
Cultural shock as an Au Pair - How to cope with it
For Au Pairs | by Felicia on 24th Sep, 2019
What is cultural shock? How can you deal with it as an Au Pair? Could it be a positive experience as well? Read more to find an answer to all those questions. Read More »
Suffering with anxiety as an Au Pair
For Au Pairs | by Elena on 19th Sep, 2019
Being an Au Pair can sometimes be hard on yourself. There are many factors that can contribute to developing anxiety. Read here to find out more. Read More »
Depression as an Au Pair
For Au Pairs | by Julia on 12nd Sep, 2019
In many countries, depression is very widespread but still something of a taboo topic. We want to raise awareness and support those who need help.  Read More »
Hosting an Au Pair as a stay-at-home parent
For Families | by Sammy-Jo on 10th Sep, 2019
Being a stay-at-home parent is the hardest full-time job in the world. It's no wonder you could use an extra pair of hands from time to time. In this blog post, we'll show you how an Au Pair can help you. Read More »
Why hosting an Au Pair will make you more tolerant
For Families | by Felicia on 3rd Sep, 2019
Being a Host Family is not easy and requires willingness to open your house and your life. While you wait for puberty to hit your kids like a hurricane, here is why hosting an Au Pair will prepare you to that wonderful period called adolescence and to an all-world of new life experiences, making you even more tolerant than you already are. Read More »
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