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Klaudia's Story in England

by Klaudia on Feb 20, 2019
The experience of an Au Pair in England
My story with the Au Pair program has started when I found my first host family on They lived in England, in the city of Basingstoke. I was taking care of the boys aged 2 and 7 years old.

My day started at 7 o’clock in the morning, with me getting the older boy ready for school.
At 7:40 I would take the boys and walk the 7-year-old boy to school. Then I would come back home with the 2 year old boy and take care of him until 4:30pm. In the meantime, the younger brother had a 2 hours nap, during which I was taking care of the household tasks and preparing dinner for later.

At 3pm, we went to pick up the boy from school and came back home. Then we went to the park together. At 4:30pm the host mum came back home, so I had free time.
In my free time I went for walks, to the pool, shopping and meeting my friends. My weekends were off, so during the weekends I used to travel to London by train. I remember very fondly my time as an Au Pair in London. I became more independent and bold, my English got better, I met many people with whom I have stayed in touch to this day. I’m still in touch with my host family as well. I think it was a good decision to become an Au Pair in London. After that I decided to become an Au Pair once more, this time in Cyprus.

I thank very much for letting me make my dreams come true. I don’t regret that I took a risk and move out abroad on my own.
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