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Rishee, her Au Pair story in Turkey

by Rishee on Mar 09, 2020
Becoming an Au Pair in Turkey - Rishee's experience
Finding a host family wasn't easy for me. It took me three years to find an amazing family. Yes, you heard it right, three years. I even deleted my account after sometime since I thought aupairing isn't for me. But I was so determined so I made an account again.

After a month of having an account again, a family added me as their favorite. After a week, I got a message from this host family asking me basic questions and wanting to interview me on Skype. So they did the interview and told me to wait for a week for their decision. After a long week of waiting, they finally made the decision to make me as their aupair. They helped me processed all my documents here in the Philippines and they even shouldered all the expenses. After 2 months of processing my working visa, everything was ready.

Last September 30, 2019, I stepped foot in this beautiful, amazing country - Istanbul, Turkey. I've been with the family for 4months now and I would say they were the perfect family for me! The family has treated me as part of their family. They're very understanding about my culture and lifestyle especially with the food. They provided me with everything that I need - like literally everything even with personal stuffs. They take me with them anywhere they go, showing me places here in Istanbul. We even got to visit Morocco for a family vacation. They have two lovely kids, 7 years old and 19months old.
To all aupairs who haven't found a host family yet, don't you ever give up. The right family will come to you at the right time. You just got to be patient and persistent. I spent long nights looking for a host family and now I finally got the perfect fit for me. So if you ever feel like giving up, dont. Just dont. Everything happens for a reason. But I got to tell you though, being an aupair isn't just about traveling abroad. Its about  welcoming a new culture, new lifestyle, and of course a bigger responsibility. Its not just about looking after the kids- it's about making memories with them and seeing them grow with you. Its also about you being able to sing, draw, dance, and entertain them in any way that you can. Yes, it might be challenging but it can also be self rewarding. You will learn how to be more responsible, more patient, more understanding, and more affectionate. So there you go, best wishes and good luck to all my co aupairs out there! 

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