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Full name Rachele

City/State Massa/ Toscana

Country Italy

Start Aug 2021 - Dec 2021

Duration of stay 7-9 Months

Good knowledge of Italian (Native)

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Letter to the family

Originally translated from Italiano
Bye! I'm Ráchele, I'm 19 and I live in Italy. I finished high school in hospitality but I know it will not be my life's work. At school I studied English and German but I speak both in a scholastic way. When I am in Spain I would like to take Spanish lessons to learn the language better. Now in Italy I am taking Spanish lessons so I will be more prepared when I am there in Spain. The following year I would like to go to the university of education for children and, if possible, I would like to attend it in Spain.
I want to have this au pair experience by combining my greatest passion, children and love for Spain, a country whose language and culture I love.
I hope to be a big sister to your children, I will be the first to have fun, playing with them and living their stories. I would like to get to know them in order to understand them, to know what they love to do and to accompany them on their growth path.
I know they won't always agree to do routine things, like brushing their teeth, brushing, going to bed, but I could convince them with songs, stories and other methods, the important thing is to do it calmly and explain why.
I'm sure they will listen to me, because I want to be their best friend.
I am a simple girl, sunny, creative and still a little naughty. With children I can be myself. I am a bit shy, but it doesn't take much for me to create a relationship with people, with children and young people of my age it is easier, with adults I need more time because I have respect for those who are more adult and have more experience of me. .
I would like the host family to be my second family, so I can overcome the moments of nostalgia that will surely not be lacking in the months that I will be in Spain, together with the time that I will spend with the children and that will surely fly!
So there is Skype to help me feel closer to my friends and family.
We have a bathhouse and I spend a lot of time with children, I love being with them.
I invent many games, treasure hunts, where they can show all their curiosity and get to the end, even finding a prize of merit.
I am with children from 5 to 12 years old, we play in the sea, we are on the patio of my bathing establishment, but I have no limits, I will always try to do what the kids want, the important thing is that it is not dangerous!
In my free time I do everything that kids my age do, I like going out with my friends, shopping, listening to music, visiting new cities and reading love books.
In my family there are 4 of us, my mother Silvia, my father Marco and my older brother Leonardo who is 27 years old: he is a very sunny, polite boy and is the best brother in the world! He has a degree in statistics. I am very comfortable with my family, especially with my brother Leo, with whom I have had a wonderful relationship since we were little, he is my point of reference.
I have never worked as a babysitter, in the sense that I have never been paid: when I have taken care of children I have always done it only because I was happy to do so, like when I take care of my 4-year-old cousin, with whom I've spent a lot of time since she was born, because we live 100 meters away and we'll see each other as soon as I can.
I hope you trust me and have considered my question and this can be the start of a great experience for both of you!
Thanks and hope to see you soon
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Originally translated from Italiano
I believe that in life you have to have experiences that can make you "grow", that it is essential to know other cultures and learn foreign languages. Given my love for children, I thought that becoming an au pair abroad could be the best thing; at the same time in this way I could also do it independently, without having to ask my family for money.
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Personal information

Non-SmokerCan swim well - Yes
Can ride a bike - Yes
Has a driver's license - Yes, with experience

Can swim well

Can ride a bike

Has a driver's license Yes, with experience

Has siblings

Has a valid passport


Has attended a first-aid training

Profession Stabilimento Balneare

Education Vocational School

Language Knowledge

Italian: Native Language

Religion Catholic

For the Au Pair religion is Not important

Special diet considerations No special diet

Has health problems No

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Job information

Can work more for extra money - Yes
Does accept family with pets - Yes
Can take care of pets - Yes

Preferred countries (maximum 5) Spain

Preferred area Town

Duration of stay 7-9 Months

Earliest starting date Aug 2021

Latest starting date Dec 2021

Does accept family with pets

Can work more for extra money

Can take care of pets

Age group 1 - 5 years old, 6 - 10 years old

Hours of child care experience in the past 24 months 100 - 200

Would like to take care of this number of children/people 2

Would work for a single parent? Yes, with the mother

Can care for special needs children

Can care for special needs people

To students of age group

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