Au Pair ID 1469322

Nationality Brazilian | More ⇩

Full name Flavia

City/State Memphis/ Tennessee

Country USA

Start Jan 2020 - Jan 2020

Duration of stay 7-9 months

Good knowledge of Portuguese (Native), English (B1)

Last action 4 Days Ago

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Letter to the family

*Aupair in country looking for a new family - Agency Expert aupair*

Hello family.

My name is Flavia, I'm 25 years old, I'm from a city called Curitiba in southern Brazil, a lover of outdoor activities, but I also love spending time with family and friends to watch a movie and have a quiet day at home.
I currently live in Memphis-TN, a city I have learned to love, with many parks and history to tell. A place that has increased my driving skills since we need a car for almost everything, so now I consider myself a good driver. Place that I knew a culture really different from mine, met friends and was welcomed. I currently take care of two children, a 3 year old girl and a 5 year old boy with autism.

When I thought about participating in the Aupair program I did not know that growth and maturity would be so great, I believe I enjoy the care and routine with children even more, as they lightly teach us so much about life and how simple things become so fun, like exploring a new park or making new friends. Being one of the thousands of reasons that make me want to continue and learn even more.

I am an occupational therapist trained since 2017 and this experience of being in touch with the routine of a child with special needs makes me see the other side of the coin and I created even more empathy for these families and for this care. Knowing how to help develop this child in a more fun and natural way makes her enjoy the games even more.
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Most of my experience as a babysitter was actually taking care of infants.
The first child I took care was one year old boy, and I helped his family once a week for about 6 months. I was responsible for feeding him, putting to take a nap on schedule and, of course, play with him.
The second child was a baby girl, starting when she was only 2 months old. My responsibilities involved giving her baths, playing with her when she was awake and taking extra care of her while she sleeping (the reason being that she had a lot stomach issues, so it was dangerous to leave her alone in case she would reflux). I was with her mom all the time, but it was also my responsible to take care of the baby alone, so the mom could rest. For the period of 25 hours per week for 4 months.
After that I worked with another baby girl, a few months older than the previous one. So, ate the age that she was, I was working on introducing her to solid foods. I took care of her for a couple of months, so that the mom could return to her job. For a period of 4 hours per week for 3 months, bus was solo responsible for the baby on those hours.
And my nephew, I've been taking care of him ever since he was born. My brother and his family were living with our family up until my nephew was a year and a half, and I was ate home many hours a day when they were living here. Because of that I was always helping my sister-in-law, with everything that she might need. I would bathe him, cook for him and feed him, playing, teaching him to walk, to talk, well... everything regarding his routine and development as person. He is 3y/o now, I'm super excited about the person that he's becoming and everything that he has learn so far.

In relation to children over 7 to 14 old I have experience in care, as I was a Girl Scout leader for 2 years and was responsible for the children during the activities, the activities took place on Saturday of 5 hours

As an aupair I took care of a 5 year old boy with autism and a 3 year old girl, I was responsible for breakfast, sometimes changing clothes, driving to school, therapy or any other activity, having lunch and have dinner, do the laundry, organize the bedroom and playroom, as well as play a lot.

With the opportunity to continue the Aupair program, I would like to continue developing my childcare skills, as playing with children is my passion and I know this opportunity will mature and I will be able to bring this learning to my personal and professional life. I would also like to improve my English and have the opportunity to meet and explore other places and cultures.
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Personal information

Non-SmokerHas attended a first-aid training - Yes
Can swim well - Yes
Can ride a bike - Yes
Has a driver's license - Yes, with experience

Can swim well

Can ride a bike

Has a driver's license Yes, with experience

Has siblings

Has a valid passport


Has attended a first-aid training

Current occupation Au Pair

Education University

Basic knowledge of -



For the Au Pair religion is

Special diet considerations No special diet

Has health problems No

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Job information

Can work more for extra money - Yes
Can care for special needs children - Yes
Does accept family with pets - Yes
Can take care of pets - No

Preferred area Big City, Town

Duration of stay 7-9 months

Earliest starting date Jan 2020

Latest starting date Jan 2020

Does accept family with pets

Can work more for extra money

Can take care of pets

Age group 0 - 1 year old, 1 - 5 years old, 6 - 10 years old

Hours of child care experience in the past 24 months 800 +

Would like to take care of this number of children/people 3

Would work for a single parent? Yes, with any of them

Can care for special needs children

Can care for special needs people

Can teach subjects

To students of age group

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About me

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