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Izabella, child care provider from Moscow, Russian Federation - 1571621

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Valeria, 26 years old, Economist from Russian Federation looking for Au Pair & Live in Help jobs in China, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, South Korea

Economist Russian May 2020 - Dec 2020 1-3 months Very active in response
Valeria is a Non-Smoker Valeria hasn't got a first aid certification Valeria cannot swim Valeria can ride a bike

Hello. My name is Lera. I am 25 years old. I am responsible and friendly.I love travelling and learn new cultures.I like Asian culture. I'm not a conflict person.I'm fairly calm...

Yuliana, 22 years old, Public Relations from Russian Federation looking for Au Pair, Nanny & Caregiver for elderly jobs in France

Public Relations English Dec 2020 - May 2021 7-9 months Average response
Yuliana is a Non-Smoker Yuliana has got a first aid certification Yuliana can swim Yuliana can ride a bike

Hello to all families here! My name is Yuliana. I am a 22 year old Russian citizen living in Moscow, Russia. I am currently searching for a family in France. I have been a...

Alisa, 24 years old, Caregiver from Russian Federation looking for Au Pair & Nanny jobs in United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Norway, Poland

Caregiver Russian, English, German Nov 2020 - Dec 2021 10-12 months Average response
Alisa is a Non-Smoker Alisa has got a first aid certification Alisa can swim Alisa can ride a bike

Get acquainted with Alisa, 24, based in Russian Federation, who is enthusiastic about working as Au Pair & Nanny. The applicant is experienced in University and currently works as Caregiver. Alisa is advanced in Russian, English, German. The...

Asiya, 21, Kazakh, Public Relations currently in Russian Federation searching for Au Pair job in Denmark

Public Relations Russian, English Jan 2021 - Jan 2021 4-6 months Active in response
Asiya is a Non-Smoker Asiya hasn't got a first aid certification Asiya can swim Asiya can ride a bike

Hello! I am a student at a Moscow University, studying to become a researcher in the field of communications. At the beginning of this academic year, I won the opportunity to...

Anastasiia, 26 years old, Teacher from Russian Federation looking for Au Pair jobs in Germany

Teacher English, Russian Sep 2020 - Dec 2020 10-12 months Average response
Anastasiia is a Non-Smoker Anastasiia has got a first aid certification Anastasiia can swim Anastasiia can ride a bike

Thank You for paying attention to my profile. My dear future host family, My name is Anastasia. I'm 25 years old, currently living and working in Moscow, Russia. I'm looking...

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