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brigoli sose, child care provider from talisay city, Philippines - 2474852

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Charlene is a Non-Smoker Charlene has got a first aid certification Charlene can swim Charlene can ride a bike

Hi Good day! My name is Charlene, I am 28yrs of age, single with no kids, and a college graduate with a degree of Tourism. I am pleased to write as an Au Pair aspirant for people who needs an assistance specially in babysit. I am from Philippines, in Cebu City and working as call center agent for years now. I am a simple person, who like kids, and very easily to be friend...

Synthia Daen, 28 years old, Public Relations from Philippines looking for Au Pair & Nanny jobs in Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, USA

Filipino Au Pair
Filipino, English Apr 2023 - May 2023 (Select) Very active in response
Synthia Daen is a Non-Smoker Synthia Daen hasn't got a first aid certification Synthia Daen can swim Synthia Daen can ride a bike

My name is Synthia, 28 years old living in Cebu, Philippines with my family of six. My outstanding father is a public servant and my loving mother is a house wife. I have two siblings, an older brother who now lives in Colorado and a younger sister whos is still in collage plus three additional baby pups Zoe, Ivy and Lyon. I am openminded, reliable, neat, adventurous, kind and...

Lea May is a Non-Smoker Lea May has got a first aid certification Lea May cannot swim Lea May can ride a bike

We present Lea May (41) now residing in Philippines, who is dreaming of working as Nanny. The applicant is experienced in University and is now employed as Administration.

Apple is a Non-Smoker Apple has got a first aid certification Apple cannot swim Apple can ride a bike

Have a wonderfulday to you, mam and sir.! Im apple from philippines. I want to become an AU pair/nanny because i have an experience to do the job well. I have 6 years experience being a household worker and being a nanny for 3 children is one of them.. . . If given a chance for this opportunity i will do my best to serve you well. And aside from that i want to learn your...

Christy-Lyn is a Non-Smoker Christy-Lyn has got a first aid certification Christy-Lyn can swim Christy-Lyn can ride a bike

Hi, My name is Christy from the Philippines and would like to be part of your beautiful family as an Au Pair. I am currently working as a Bank Employee and would like to experience other fields aside from corporate. I have been babysitting my brother and sisters children while growing up and have a close bond with them.

Chantele Eve is a Non-Smoker Chantele Eve hasn't got a first aid certification Chantele Eve cannot swim Chantele Eve can ride a bike

We present Chantele Eve (20) originally from Philippines, who is dreaming of working as Au Pair. The Au Pair graduated from Secondary School and is now employed as Unemployed.

Kara Sharina is a Non-Smoker Kara Sharina hasn't got a first aid certification Kara Sharina cannot swim Kara Sharina can ride a bike

I am Kara Sharina, 28 years old and I'm from Cebu, Philippines. I currently work as a customer service representative. I want to become and Au Pair because I want to earn a decent amount of money for my family because I'm a bread winner and so I can send myself to school to possibly get a degree. Furthermore, I'd like to have a job where I can build a connection with people....

Kirsten, 29 years old, Cashier from Philippines looking for Au Pair jobs in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland

Filipino Au Pair
Filipino Feb 2023 - Mar 2025 (Select) New registered
Kirsten is a Non-Smoker Kirsten has got a first aid certification Kirsten can swim Kirsten can ride a bike

Hello I am kirsten.I am from the Philippines province of Cebu.I'm 29 years of age,single but I have boyfriend for 7 years now.We don't have a child.For now it's not our priority of having a child now because we are not yet stable.But I have 6 nephews 5 of them I was the the who took care of them since my sisters they only trust me to take care of their children.And to that I...

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