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Nationality Polish | More ⇩

Full name Joanna

City/State Warszawa/

Country Poland

Start Aug 2022 - Dec 2022

Duration of stay 3-24 Months

Good knowledge of English (B2), Polish (Native)

Last action 27 Aug 2022

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Letter to the family

Dear family,

My name is Joanna and I’m from Poland. The portal prompts me with questions that are good to answer. One of them is "Who are you?". I have a difficulty with giving an answer to that. I think that when the opportunity comes for us to talk and get to know each other, then you will be able to know the real me.

I always felt good when interacting with young people. During family gatherings, it was their company that kept me interested the most. I saw the truth flowing in these relations, nothing was forced. I have heard many times from the parents that they would like me to take care of the children, if possible, if we lived in the same city.

At this year's festival, my tented neighbors were a couple with my son. After a conversation we had with little Ignaś, the boy's stepfather asked if I was working with children. Does this observation prove anything?

Last weekend I went for a quiet walk by myself. On the way, I met two ladies who looked after a baby in a stroller and a boy of about four or five. An older child played on the pavement with his toy car. I said, "You have a great car. Is that a Porsche?”. I did not expect the boy to show and tell me about his cars with such great commitment. I sat down on the bench, listened and talked to the boy. When the time to leave came, it was difficult for him to do so, he asked if I would come here the next day as well. As he was walking away, his head was turned and his gaze was directed towards me. I think he liked it and needed someone to give him full attention. When I got home from a walk, I went to bed and engrossed myself in reading. When the main character of the book reminisced about his childhood, suddenly it came to me like a revelation - I WANT TO WORK WITH CHILDREN. It came so clear and real to me. Distracted from reading by this unexpected impulse, I started to check my job opportunities and development in this field on the Internet. I knew the Au Pair Programme before, but now realized that this is the path I want to go.

For many years my dream was to live abroad for some time. I pushed this dream aside, sometimes I forgot about its essence. Recently, an openness and readiness to implement this plan appeared in me.

Au Pair is the perfect way for me to fulfill myself and my dreams. I say "fulfill myself", but in this project I will not be alone. I would like the Family that will take me under its roof to receive some value from me (I just got fascinated by the fact that as I’m writing these words, I’m addressing it to you, the Family, that perhaps will choose me). I also want to receive and learn. I would like us to form a harmonious team. I would be glad it we’d communicate our needs clearly. Communication is fundamental for me. I see great importance in having similar visions of treating ourselves, approach within the Family and implementing respect to all its members.
If you believe what I wrote to be true and it resonates with you, I invite you to respond.
I would like us to make an appointment for a video call, so that we could get to know each better and understand our view points.

I greet you and I wish to find someone appropriate for your Family to appear in your home.

Sending you lots of love <3
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I am honest, so I say openly that I do not have much experience caring for young people. My cousins are mothers, so sometimes I have the opportunity to play with their little daughters and son. Whenever there was a possibility for a contact with children, I got into it - it actually came out naturally.
I have a feeling that I get along well with children, I have a great desire and enthusiasm for it. I treat children with sincerity, as little people, not as pawns, who have to adapt to me, without any discussion. This is the respect that is important to me. I want to devote my time and attention to children. I want to support young people to discover the truth about themselves, to get to know their passions and interests. I want this wonderful creature to discover its magnificence. I want to be patient with others, show them love and understanding. It is important to communicate and support your children. From time to time the point of view of an adult and a child differ from each other. Sometimes it's needed to talk to a young person and explain to them an unfamiliar perspective and hear what the little man has to say. I think this is about building relationships, trust and it is a great form of learning (not only for the young but also for the adults, we can also learn a lot from children). I realize that caring for young people is a challenge, I will probably make mistakes, but I want to learn from them. I would love to hear from a child and parents about what you like and what I need to work on.
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Personal information

Non-SmokerCan swim well - Yes
Can ride a bike - Yes
Has a driver's license - Yes, with experience

Can swim well

Can ride a bike

Has a driver's license Yes, with experience

Has siblings

Has a valid passport


Has attended a first-aid training

Profession Cosmetician

Education University

Language Knowledge

Polish: Native Language
English: Upper intermediate (B2), Since 12 Year/s
Russian: Elementary (A2), Since 5 Month

Sports  Yoga, cycling, running, recently fascinated by slacklining.

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Job information

Can work more for extra money - Yes
Does accept family with pets - Yes
Can take care of pets - Yes

Preferred countries Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Switzerland & Sweden

Preferred area Big City, Suburb, Town, Village, Countryside

Duration of stay 3-24 Months

Earliest starting date Aug 2022

Latest starting date Dec 2022

Does accept family with pets

Can work more for extra money

Can take care of pets

Age group 0 - 1 year old, 1 - 5 years old, 6 - 10 years old, 11 - 14 years old, 15+ years old

Hours of child care experience in the past 24 months 10 - 50

Would like to take care of this number of children/people 3

Would work for a single parent? Yes, with any of them

Can care for special needs children

Can care for special needs people

To students of age group

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