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Krisztina, Romanian Au Pair from Zetevaralja, Romania - 2495065

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sahar, 24 years old, Accountant from Tunisia looking for Nanny jobs in Canada, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Sweden

Tunisian Au Pair
English A2 Arabic Native French B2
Oct 2023 - Dec 2023 (Select) New registered
sahar is a Non-Smoker sahar has got a first aid certification sahar can swim sahar can ride a bike

my name is sahar i have 24 Y.O "I want to become a nanny because I have always had a deep passion for working with children. I find it incredibly rewarding to play a role in their growth and development. I enjoy creating a safe and nurturing environment where children can learn, explore, and have fun.Being a nanny allows me to form strong bonds with the kids I care for and be...

Thadsaran, 23 years old, Au Pair from Thailand looking for Au Pair jobs in Austria, Switzerland

Thai Au Pair
English A2 Thai Native German A2
Jan 2024 - May 2024 (Select) New registered
Thadsaran is a Non-Smoker Thadsaran can swim Thadsaran can ride a bike Thadsaran can take care of pets

Dear host family, I'm currently an Au-pair in Germany. I take care of my host's 3 children. They are now 1, 3 and 6 years old. I have a very good experience with my host family?. My Au-pair contract ends in January2024. I'm looking for a new host family that is friendly and open-minded?. I'm studying German at A2 level. I would like to improve my German. And I'm ready to...

Sirine, 23 years old, Call Center Agent from Tunisia looking for Au Pair & Home share with elderly jobs in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Germany

Tunisian Au Pair
English C1 Arabic Native French C2 +1
Nov 2023 - Nov 2023 (Select) Very active in response
Sirine is a Non-Smoker Sirine can swim Sirine can ride a bike Sirine can take care of pets

Chère famille d'accueil, Je m'appelle Sirine et je suis enchantée de vous écrire cette lettre pour exprimer mon vif intérêt à devenir membre de votre famille en tant que fille au pair. En tant que 23 ans j'ai toujours eu une passion pour l'apprentissage interculturel et les échanges enrichissants. Je crois fermement que vivre et travailler au sein d'une famille...

Thitinan, 20 years old, Student - High School from Thailand looking for Au Pair jobs in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland

Thai Au Pair
English B2 Thai Native Korean A1
Sep 2023 - Jan 2024 (Select) Very active in response
Thitinan is a Non-Smoker Thitinan can ride a bike
Thitinan has an application video

Hello ! I’m Hong a kind , good heart and healthy person. Or you can call me Mercy as an English name. I come from Thailand. I'm 20 years old and turning 21 soon. I always look for opportunities in my life and l love to learn new things. Once I’ve been a volunteer in Africa and I got a chance to look after and be around with children. I had such an amazing experience...

amyra, 28 years old, Tourism Professional from Tunisia looking for Au Pair & Nanny jobs in Saudi Arabia, Spain, France, Qatar

Tunisian Au Pair
English B2 Arabic Native French Native
Sep 2023 - Dec 2024 (Select) Very active in response
amyra is a Non-Smoker amyra can swim amyra can ride a bike amyra can take care of pets

I am whole, I like the clear things. I say what I think, and I cry easily, when I watch a movie, or when I read a moving text, a poem, or a sad story. Too emotional? Maybe, but I won't change any more. I have a sociable side that allows me to appreciate contact with people and reach out to them quite easily. I'm a bit of a perfectionist around the edges, and when I commit, I...

Nisa, 24 years old, Nurse from Turkey looking for Au Pair & Caregiver for elderly jobs in Albania, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain

Turkish Au Pair
English A2 Turkish Native Spanish A1
Nov 2023 - Nov 2024 (Select) Very active in response
Nisa is a Non-Smoker Nisa has got a first aid certification Nisa can swim Nisa can ride a bike Nisa can take care of pets

Hello ! My name is Nisa. I am 24 years old.I am Turkish and I live in Türkiye(Istanbul). I have been an intensive care nurse for 6 years.I provide personal care to sick elderly people.We have a kindergarten here and for 1 year I played games with the children, had them do educational activities, fed them and put them to sleep. I am experienced in elderly and child care.:) I...

Caroline, 24, Kenyan, Caregiver currently in Saudi Arabia searching for Au Pair & Nanny job in Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, Mexico

Kenyan Au Pair
English Native Arabic A1 Swahili
Sep 2023 - Jan 2024 (Select) Very active in response
Caroline is a Non-Smoker Caroline has got a first aid certification Caroline can swim Caroline can ride a bike Caroline can take care of pets

Dear host family, My name is Caroline, but my friends and family call me Carol. I am a 24 years old girl and I live in Nakuru, a small town in Kenya, a beautiful country in Africa. I'm currently in Saudi Arabia working as a care giver waiting to finish my contract in the next two months. I am an open-minded, hard-working, easy-going, dedicated, trustworthy, helpful, patient,...

Vata, 24 years old, Hair Dresser from Namibia looking for Au Pair & Nanny jobs in Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Namibian Au Pair
English Native Afrikaans A2
Oct 2023 - Nov 2023 (Select) Very active in response
Vata is a Non-Smoker Vata has got a first aid certification Vata can swim Vata can ride a bike Vata can take care of pets

Meet Vata (24) originally from Namibia, who is enthusiastic about working as Au Pair & Nanny. The applicant has already finished Secondary School and is now employed as Hair Dresser. The applicant knows how to drive a car but needs more experience in driving.

Salma is a Non-Smoker Salma has got a first aid certification Salma can swim Salma can ride a bike Salma can take care of pets

We are happy to introduce Salma currently living in Morocco, who wishes to help your family as Caregiver for elderly & Virtual Childcare. The applicant is experienced in Primary School and is now employed as Others.

Soukaina, 23 years old, Nanny from Morocco looking for Au Pair & Nanny jobs in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain

Moroccan Au Pair
English Arabic Native French
Apr 2023 - Sep 2023 (Select) Very active in response
Soukaina is a Non-Smoker Soukaina can ride a bike Soukaina can take care of pets

“Dear Host Family " How are you i hope you doing well? I am Soukaina, 22 years old, from Morocco. I hold a baccalaureate degree in human sciences and have studied at the university for two years and a year of study as an administrative assistant. I am honored to join your beautiful family to be a new member in it. I love that we be one family above all. I currently...

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