Family ID: 820843

Children:: 2 Children:, 1 - 5 years old

City: Roma / Big City | More ⇩

Name Margherita

State Italy

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Job Start: Jan 2020 - Jan 2020

Time of stay: 7-9 months

Last action: 24 Aug 2019

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Welcome Letter to the Au Pair


Dear Au Pair,

First of all, we want you to know that this isn’t just a job for us, you are apart of our family, a big sister to our kids. We really want this to be a positive experience for our two beautiful children but for you as well. We have a great apartment in Prati, a neighborhood near the Vatican and in the heart of Rome (that means you don’t have to drive or wait for buses, Rome is very big!). You will have your own big room and bathroom, full wifi access, a bike, your free time every day and your pocket money as agreed in the contract (320 euros/month). Here in Italy you can have a wonderful experience, travel on the weekends, make new friends, learn how to cook real Italian meals (we have a professional cooking machine that cooks absolutely everything, better than any restaurants, so you can improve your skills very easily) and find a real second family. Our expectations are not extreme for a big sister to our kids. We expect you to always be patient, happy, playful, caring and very very sweet with our kids!

We are used to having Au pairs, and they were all very happy with us! Everyone has asked us to come back! We also think that it is better for us both to be honest and let you know what your average days will be like. We want to ensure you know the responsibilities and are not surprised (sadly we know that that happens frequently). I will be at home most of the day, so I will help if you need anything and you won’t have to stay alone with the kids all day ;)
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Job Description

The au pair should play with our children, read them books, sing songs, teach them simple activities.
All your weekends and evenings are free.

What we are offering is a job that requires staying with our kids 5 days a week, and we need you to do it with joy and fantasy. So if you aren’t up for that and only want to be a tourist, please be honest and tell that us now. Because once you are here it will be very complicated. This can be a nice experience ONLY if you really love kids. Staying with the children means always being happy to play with them, read a lot of books, teach them English…, because we are a family, NOT a hotel. So you are welcome here if you would like to find a warm environment however you are expected to treat us as your own family, not at all as a hotel. Please remember that Au paring is a job, not only a way to travel abroad!

Please tell us if you take any type of medicine, including anti-depressant medication and/or anti-anxiety pills, or suffer from panic attacks. We need to be aware of any medication taken and discuss it accordingly. Being with the children every day is a full time job, and if any medical needs are going to affect that job, we want to know. According to Aupairworld rules, you must provide a medical certificate of healthy constitution.

If you just want to travel, then you should be a tourist, not an Au pair: there is a big difference, because a tourist will pay for everything (accommodation, meals etc.) and an Aupair is being payed for real (sometimes hard) work! Please note that you can’t find a second other job.

Lucy: Hello! My name is Lucy and I babysit for Margherita’s children. They are the nicest family in Rome. The baby boy is so good, he’s always happy and content and loves to be played with, and the girl is so cute and polite and again very playful and really loves to read books with you. For this Au Pair role you will not need to drive and you have your own very large bedroom and your own bathroom and full wifi access. The entire family is wanting to learn/improve their english so you don’t need to know any Italian at all as they can fully communicate in English and want you to help. Their home is friendly, relaxed and happy and you will very quickly feel comfortable as they are all so nice and they are very used to living with people from all over the world so they will make you feel like part of the family and not awkward or like a member of staff at all. They will help you learn about Rome and support you in making friends. As you can imagine the family expect you to never have guests in the house but you will have a lot of free time to go and meet other people, there is over a thousand of us Au Pairs who all meet regularly. You won’t be their cleaning lady! Just a few light chores along with everyone else, like you would do in your own family home J such as the dishwasher, some laundry, hoovering the floor with a portable dyson (so it’s easy!) sometimes cook or pop to the shops. They do also have a cleaning lady who comes twice a week so you really won’t ever be deep cleaning. They live within walking distance of the area ‘Trastevere’ which is the main place to go on nights out which is a massive plus as getting back home in Rome is a nightmare after the metro closes. You are also only a few minutes away from a metro stop and also St Peter’s which is beautiful! But most importantly the children are so nice and well behaved so you will not really feel like you are working and you will enjoy being part of their family.

Margaret: I was Margherita's au pair for 3 months. I had the most amazing experience ever! The family is the sweetest ever, They truly want you to have a good experience. The kids are absolutely adorable. Some of Vittoria's favorite activities are reading books, making puzzles and going to the park. She has a huge imagination and is a very active little girl. Riccardo is the cutest little boy ever! He likes to eat just about everything and is always smiling. You are expected to be a part of the family. Help with the chores and entertaining the kids. You are welcome to eat dinner with the family or go out for the night. The home is in a very nice residential area. It's about a 10 minute walk to the Ottaviano metro station and a about a 15 minute walk to St. Peter's basilica. There are also plenty of buses. A useful public transportation app is moovit. It saved my life several times. All in all Au Pairing for this family was the best experience I ever had. I am so grateful that they welcomed me into their family. If you have any questions feel free to ask me!

Briget: I'm currently au pairing for this family and they are wonderful! Highly recommend ;) The Pietrograndes are a wonderful family situated in the perfect area in Rome (a nice, quiet neighborhood but close to the center). The parents are very understanding and kind. They always say that, if you're happy, then the kids are happy, so they will do everything possible to make sure you are comfortable and content. Vittoria, the eldest, is sweet and smart. She picks up English so quickly! She loves having books read to her (she's so observant; she'll always ask questions or comment on the pictures), singing Disney songs (especially Let It Go), and going to the park. She has a big imagination, so there's never a dull moment! Throughout any day you may fight scary dragons or bake cakes in her little kitchen or build towers out of blocks. Riccardo is the happiest little toddler you'll ever meet! He enjoys playing with remote-controlled cars, the plastic cutlery from the kitchen, and any of his toys that play music (sometimes he'll even dance!). One part of au pairing that I hadn't expected was the cooking and baking. If you want to, they will teach you how to make cakes, risottos, soups, jams, and more. Don't worry, you'll also be guided by the Bimby (this magical machine that gives step by step instructions and measures, chops, stirs, and heats for you). :)
The family is flexible about giving you time off to explore Rome or other cities. Even though I was there for less than two months, I got to explore a lot of Rome along with Florence, Naples, Pompeii, and Tivoli. They will also help you buy the train tickets, find a place to stay, and even give you "insider advice" about the best restaurants to visit. All in all, I had a wonderful time au pairing for this family! I would wholeheartedly recommend them to any au pair.

Anna: I have been in Rome for almost two months and have been enjoying my time in the city and with the family! Vittoria, the eldest, is very clever and speaks English well. She loves to read books and play “hide from the dragon” (she has a very big imagination). Riccardo is usually happy to do whatever his sister is doing and to go outside. He doesn’t speak yet. Because the mother works at home, lots of your work will be to keep the kids away from her. But they are usually fine to play in your room with no problems. On that note, you will have the room to yourself at night and then during the day it is used as a playroom for the kids. Your day starts around 8:15am when you do some housework (vacuuming the apartment, cleaning up from breakfast, and emptying the dishwasher), then you leave the house with both kids to drop Vittoria off at school. It is about a fifteen minute walk but can take longer sometimes. The rest of your morning is spent with Riccardo playing in your room. After he gets used to you, which might take a couple weeks, he is so sweet and is very good at playing in the room. At first he would always start crying whenever we were shut in the room but he stopped doing that after a bit. You pick up Vittoria from school and come home for lunch. Sometimes you will make lunch and sometimes Margherita will. But making food with the Bimby is so so easy!! As you’ll definitely find out when you’re here. The afternoons are spent with both kids and taking Vittoria to her activities. You’re usually finished around 6:40pm so you will be working very long days. But the work can be quite fun and Margherita is always making sure you’re happy and are doing well. She also is very helpful when planning weekend trips around Italy or Europe as there’s so much to see. And the family also eats great food, delicious and healthy. Ezio is also very kind but you’ll only see him in the evenings and weekends because he works long hours. He’s always singing with the kids and playing games. They are all very welcoming and will feel like your second family! Cheers!

Gabrielle: Dear Future Aupair for the Family- I want to start by saying welcome to the greatest adventure ever. You, I assume, are from somewhere far, far away. Far from home and what you know, and that's both exciting and scary. I totally get it, 3 months ago I was feeling the exact same way. Take comfort in knowing that over the next few months you'll learn and grow more than you could have possibly imagined, and you'll be staying in a fabulous location near the city center. I encourage you to take advantage of your time off, explore Rome, experience day trips, take it all in. Fortunately, the family is kind enough to be very accommodating when it comes to taking advantage of your time here and your free time. Margherita is always willing to make suggestions of where to go from restaurants to weekend trips away from Rome. You are in a fantastic spot in Europe to do all sorts of travel, so definitely do all you can (if you want to, of course!). As far as Vittoria and Riccardo, they keep you on your toes, and you'll never be bored! You get to spend all day with the children and are truly like family. Your room is in the children's playroom, so you'll be in there play play playing all day! Every once in a while, you'll practice your patience and be challenged to calm the storm that occasionally occurs between the children. Vittoria has become my little shadow, and enjoys watching me get ready to go out of the house, while Riccardo is usually happy to follow Vittoria and do what she's doing! Vittoria is extremely smart, and picks up on things quickly. She is constantly ready and willing to learn, and will want to play every chance she gets! Riccardo is quite self sufficient, but loves to be read to (especially Room on the Broom and The Gruffalo). Being with kids around 10 hours every day really helps you bond with them, and at the end of it, it's always nice to meet up with friends! I encourage you to make some that you'll be able to go through this experience with. Lots of positive vibes to you, and good luck on your adventure!

Sophie: I am currently an au pair for this friendly lovely family for the next 3 months. The family are lovely. As soon as I arrived I felt welcomed and comfortable and part of the family which I think is very important as moving from home is such a big decision. The children are amazing. Vittoria is very very smart, lovely to talk too, full of energy and she fascinates me everyday. Riccardo is funny, happy and giggly 24/7.  They love going to the park, reading books and playing with there many toys. Margarita and Ezio are lovely and you can tell family means a lot to them. As you probably already know about the Bimby, well it’s amazing. So so easy and very easy to use so expect to improve a lot on your cooking.  While i have been here i have met some great people and made some friends for life, but i have also heard many horrible stories from some girls including my friends who have been on dates with men who they have been speaking too and men who have approached them on the street who have been violent or not the people they thought they were meeting, so please be very careful. However you don’t need a man because you have Riccardo :) You’ll have an amazing time here!

Kendra: I am currently living with the family as their au pair. There is no need to be nervous when it comes to the family, as everything that is expected of you Margherita has outlined in this letter. The daily schedule is very easy to follow and after the first week or so, you will have it down perfectly! Like the previous au pair’s have mentioned, Vittoria and Riccardo are wonderful, fun and precious children. They both surprise me everyday with how smart, curious and funny they are. There will never be a dull moment, trust me! Margherita and Ezio are also the best. They are always making sure I am okay, comfortable and happy. If you are nervous about living with and becoming part of a new family, I think that is very normal. At the same time, the family is also taking a chance by opening up their home to someone they do not know, and trusting them with their most valuable possessions - their children. You will feel like a part of the family in no time. Lastly, I think this experience is truly what you make it. If you make every day fun and have a positive attitude, it will be the experience of a lifetime! Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you need help and explore the city during your free time. You won’t regret your time here in Rome with Margherita, Ezio, Vittoria and Riccardo!
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Family Information

Family has pets No

Family lives in Big City

Parent's Age Group 30-45

Are you a single parent? No, our family has two parents

Nationality Italian

Languages spoken at home English, Italian

Religion Catholic

Importance of Religion Not important

Occupation Lawyer

People living in the house 4

Children's/People's age and gender baby boy 3 years old
little girl 5 years old

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Job Requirements

Earliest Starting Date Jan 2020

Latest Starting Date Jan 2020

Duration of Stay 7-9 months

Looking for Au Pair

Preferred Gender Female

Preferred Nationalities American - USA, British, Canadian

Required Language Skills Good

Minimum Childcare Experience 0 Hours

Required Education Level High school

Children's/People's Age 1 - 5 years old

Children/People to take care of 2

Working Hours (per week) 40 - 45

Pocket Money (per month) 320 EUR

Willing to pay/share travel expenses? No

Required Age 21-24

Accepts Smokers No

Taking care of special needs children/people required No

Taking care of pets required No

Swimming required No

Riding a bike required No

The Au Pair can attend language courses Yes

First Aid Training required No

Driving required No

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Family Description

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A big room with a private bathroom, in a very nice apartment in the center. You won't need to drive because you can reach everything by walking. you'll feel comfortable and as you were at home, I promise :) contact me and we will arrange a video call
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