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Who are we? is an online matching Au Pair agency where Au Pairs and Host Families find each other. has been active since 1999. It keeps bringing Au Pairs and Host families from all over the world together in order to live this amazing experience.

What does offer? is one of the best sites to become a part of the amazing world of Au Pairing! Au Pair/babysitter jobs, information on the difference between nanny and Au Pair, the role of an Au Pair and much more can be found in our Au Pair Wiki in order to help you through the process.

If you would like to be a part of our Au Pair community, you should know that: 
  • Both Au Pairs and Host Families can register and create a profile on for free! Once you have filled our form we recommend you to write some personal information to make your profile more attractive. Do not forget that introducing any contact data is not allowed and our system will automatically make your profile not visible whenever you have inserted any contact data. Check our tips in order to make your profile as attractive as possible for potential Au Pairs / Host Families!
  • Au Pairs can send personalized messages to ALL Host Families! Premium Host Families can read and reply to these messages immediately. 
    In order for non-Premium Host Families to be able to read and reply to personalized messages, Au Pairs can become Premium Members as well and thus find a suitable Host Family fast and pro-active!
  • Arrange a video chat with your potential Au Pair / Host Family in order to get each other better and NEVER send any money abroad.

Why should I become a Premium Member?

Becoming a Premium Member is the easiest and fastest way to find your Au Pair!
  • You can contact Au Pairs through personalized messages in order to exchange further information.
  • As a Host Family, you will be able to read and reply to all the messages sent by Au Pairs
  • You can read personal descriptions and have access to videos and references.
  • As a Host Family, you will have access to a more complete Au Pair contract with further information and answers to the most common questions.
  • As a Host Family, you can get the handbook for Host Families with additional tips and information on the Au Pair program, as well as useful information on how to find your Au Pair today. 

What if I don’t want to get everybody’s notification?

You also have the possibility to block some countries so that Au Pairs from these countries won’t be able to contact you. This will help you and the candidates to save some time and find your match as soon as possible.

Please notice you won’t be able to contact those Au Pairs / Host Families not allowing notifications from your home country; this also applies to Premium Members.

Can I use if the host country requires a local Au Pair agency?

Yes, you can still find a perfect Au Pair / Host Family on and contact a local agency afterwards. This is called a pre-match and most agencies will be willing to help you through the process once you have found a match. 
The Host Family will need to contact a local agency in their country and Au Pairs will get all the help from a partner agency placed in their country. 

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