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Au Pair duties

The duties you will be performing will depend on your host family you are staying with. Au Pair's responsabilities may be slightly different from family to family but there are some certain standards every family should respect.

In order to give you an idea of what your tasks may be and what you shouldn't be doing as an Au Pair, AuPair.com provides you with the following lists:

What can an Au Pair do?

What should an Au Pair NOT do?

Although it is important for families and Au Pairs to consider the previous information, it is more important that both parts agree on what is to be done by the Au Pair, as well as on how many hours the Au Pair will be working and how much pocket money / holiday / free time she will be getting.

Families should not forget that Au Pair is supossed to be an exchange program where the Au Pair gets to live with a foreign family and learn their language in exchange for some light work related to childcare.