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Most popular countries to become an Au Pair abroad

au pair programs The Au Pair program will vary depending on the host country's regulations on the Au Pair program and both Au Pair and Host Family should check what are the requirements and conditions to fulfill in order to participate.

We recommend Au Pairs to pick up a country and inform about the general requirements to become an Au Pair in the first place. If the Au Pair is required a visa for the host country, the host country's embassy placed at the Au Pair's residence country will decide whether or not the person is entitled to get one. cannot be held liable for any information, opinion or recommendation expressed in this website, so you are strongly advised to seek legal advice.

Au Pair Program in Australia Information for Au Pairs
Becoming an Au Pair in Australia is one of the best ways to discover the country and improve your english skills. Learn more about the program here.
Au Pair program in Austria
Au Pair in Austria is the perfect option for those who love musical culture, palaces and mountains. Learn more about this cultural exchange here!
Au Pair program in Belgium
Salut! Practice your French and enjoy a time between cultures while living in Belgium! Learn more about the requirements, working hours and duties as an Au Pair. 
Au Pair program in Canada
The perfect destination for nature wanderers who want to improve their English. We have all the information you need to become an Au Pair in Canada!
Au Pair Program in China
A booming economy and a millenial culture. China is a great destination and learning Chinese can be interesting. Learn more about being an Au Pair in China.
Au Pair program in Denmark
Discover Denmark's colorful cities and beautiful nature as an Au Pair! Learn more about the requirements you need to fulfil to go to Denmark.
Au Pair program in England and the United Kingdom
Drink some tea with new friends while you improve your English skills living as an Au Pair in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. 
Au Pair program in Finland
Discover Scandinavia as an Au Pair in Finland! Read more about the responsibilities, duties and requirements needed to be an Au Pair in this country. 
Au Pair program in France
Bonjour! Improve your French and discover the lifestyle as an Au Pair in France. Read more about the requirements, working hours and duties here. 
Au Pair program in Germany for Au Pairs
Innovation meets fairy tales in this beloved Au Pair destination! Read more about the requirements, payment, visa regulations and more for Au Pairs in Germany.
Au Pair program in Iceland
Become an Au Pair in Iceland! Learn more about the program regulations, requirements for participants and perks of living with a Host Family in Iceland.
Au Pair program in Ireland
Amazing landscapes, history and mythology. Discover the Irish culture with a Host Family as an Au Pair in Ireland. Learn more about the program here.
Au Pair program in Italy
Ciao! Enjoy "la bella vita" as an Au Pair in Italy. Learn Italian and discover amazing cities like Rome, Florence and Venice. Become an Au Pair now!
Au Pair program in Luxembourg
Improve your French and explore this small but interesting country because of its mix of French and German culture as an Au Pair. Get more information.
Au Pair program in the Netherlands
The land of tulips and bikes is waiting for you. Read more about becoming an Au Pair in the Netherlands and enjoy a great time abroad! 
Au Pair program in New Zealand
Beautiful scenery and peace, New Zealand is the perfect place to live if you love nature and want to improve your English skills. Find out more information here.
Au Pair program in Norway
Explore the fjords and Viking history as an Au Pair in Norway. We have all the information about the program requirements, working hours and salary here.
Au Pair program in Spain
Learn Spanish and discover a friendly culture in amazing cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla. Find out more about the Au Pair in Spain experience. 
Au Pair program in Sweden
Sweden is always in one of the first places of the "Quality of life" index. Enjoy a year of Scandinavian lifestyle as an Au Pair in the home country of Ikea.
Au Pair program in Switzerland
Switzerland offers the possibility to practice German, French or Italian while living with a Host Family. The rules and requirements to be an Au Pair in Switzerland are here.
Au Pair program in Turkey
A land between east and west. There is no doubt that this country is an interesting destination. Read more about becoming an Au Pair in Turkey here. 
Aupair Program in the USA How to become an Aupair?
The USA program is our special! As a local agency with a partner in San Francisco we place German, Austrian and Swiss Au Pairs in American families.
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