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How much will it cost to become an Au Pair?

Au Pair cost
The Au Pair program is a great chance to experience another country in the most economical way. As a participant you will get accommodation, daily meals, and pocket money in exchange for the help with child care. Nevertheless, as any other experience the Au Pair program has certain costs you need to consider in advance. 

General costs for an Au Pair

This category of costs are applicable more or less to any Au Pair participant. They include:

Visa costs

Visa requirements differ for each participant depending on his/her citizenship. Though the Host Family will help their Au Pair with all necessary documents, visa costs will be participant’s responsibility. If you need visa, take a look at the post about common visa requirements. If you are planning to go to the USA, learn more about J-1 Visa. Several countries also practice Working Holiday Visa for Au Pairs. 

Transportation costs

As a rule, travel costs are covered by the participants. We strongly recommend the Host Families to support their Au Pairs with travel costs, though it’s not their direct responsibility. Even if the Host Family decides to contribute, the Au Pair will cover the transportation costs initially. After his/her arrival abroad, the refund should be done in installments. For example, travel cost of 800$ could be repaid in 10 installments of 80$, for 10 months added to Au Pair’s pocket money.
Transportation Cost
Au Pair's travel - tips before going abroad
If you already found your perfect Host Family, now it's time to plan your trip to the host country! What should you keep in mind? Find out

In such countries like the USA and China, the ticket is covered by the Host Family - wholly or partially. If the Au Pair completes the whole stay in the US as written down in the contract, he/she can get a return ticket covered as well.  
We advise to discuss this question with your future Host Family and note down the important details in the Au Pair contract.  


Health security plays an important role during the whole stay abroad. Your future Host Family can help you out with the insurance in the host country. Nevertheless, we recommend you to read more about insurance for Au Pairs. If you are a citizen of the European Union and you are planning to visit another EU country, read more about the European Health Insurance Card. Sometimes the Host Family offers to cover the insurance costs, but if it’s not the case, we advise Au Pairs to choose one on their own.

Specific costs

In addition to general costs that most Au Pairs have, there are some specific costs that depend on your preferences. 

Agency costs

Online matching agencies like let you find a Host Family at NO COST. As an Au Pair you can write free-form messages to Host Families for free! Most of them are able to read and reply to these immediately. From the other side, visa and further formalities should be arranged by you after finding a suitable match. - your online Au Pair agency
At you can find a reliable and trusted Host Family for free! Au Pairs don't need to pay anything to contact the Host Families. Learn more

If you would like to choose a full-service agency that will help you with the different procedures after finding a Host Family, they will charge you for these services. The costs depend on the agency. If you would like to participate in the Au Pair USA program, both you and Host Family have to work through the local agency. This will as well involve additional cost depending on the agency.  

Miscellaneous costs

If you would like to travel during the holidays abroad or buy some personal things, you can cover these costs either from your pocket money or personal money. You can check the website Numbeo to find out costs of different products or compare the cost of living in your home city with the future host city. 
As a rule, the costs an Au Pair has to bear are really low compared to what she will get while living abroad with the Host Family. 

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