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Once you find a suitable Host Family at it’s time to plan your trip and think about details. As an Au Pair you will get accommodation, meals and a weekly/monthly amount of pocket money to cover your personal expenses abroad. What will be the best way to receive this money? Though some families prefer paying cash, others will rather transfer your salary to the bank account. 
Au Pairs' salary - the pocket money
The amount of pocket money received by the Au Pair is regulated by the host country's legislation. How much would it be in your case? Find out

Though you will always have access to your bank account in your home country via online banking, there are certain advantages of opening a bank account in the host country as well. For instance, transactional fees during transfers and ATM charges on taking out cash significantly decrease while using a local card. 

Au Pair payment requirements

Au Pairs usually get paid on a weekly or monthly basis. Most of the countries have established the standards for Au Pair salary. To avoid misunderstandings and problems concerning the payment during the Au Pair stay, we recommend to discuss this case with your Host Family. Check what will be the best way to get your salary and when the payments are going to be made.

Discuss these details and write them down in the Au Pair contract.  

Au Pair’s bank account requirements

Ask your family to accompany you to the bank or arrange a meeting for you. It might be a good idea to use the same branch which serves your Host Family. In some cases, it is possible to open your bank account via phone or email while you are still in your homeland. 
As a rule, you will require the following documents:
  • The Au Pair’s passport with visa (if it is required)
  • Invitation letter or Au Pair contract, where is stated that Au Pair lives and works with a Host Family  
Some banks might also request a bank statement from your bank at your homeland if you had an account there before. Double check the list of documents with the branch as they might request something extra. Also, ask about the process and time requirement.  In some countries, it takes up to two months to open the account. Consider different offers as they vary in the general fees and interest rates.

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